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8 Best Tools for Your Remote Workers

By December 12, 2020No Comments
Remote Workers Tools

Remote work was considered as a nice benefit in 2019. It was mainly used to attract the top talent. However, it has become a must-have feature for businesses in 2020. If you want to stay competitive and productive in 2020, then you must embrace remote work. Most offices were closed in 2020 and people were working from their homes.

According to a report from Gallup, more than 51% of employees were working remotely in April. These figures are decreasing with time. However, more than 2/3rd of these people are going to work remotely in the future.

Remote work policies are going to become an integral part of your business. Your employees should know about the right skills and tools that they need to learn for working remotely. In this article, we are going to talk about the best tools that your remote workers can use.

  1. Slack (Productivity Tool)

Easy and fast communication is very important for remote workers. Thus, tools like Slack have become very important for employees. Your remote workers can use Slack for sharing updates and creating team chat channels. They can even use it for sharing files remotely. Slack has become a necessity for every remote employee.

  1. Microsoft Teams (Productivity Tool)

MS Teams is very similar to Slack. Slack and MS Teams are built to improve the productivity of your employees. However, the best thing about MS Teams is that you can combine it with the MS Office suite. Your employees can send short messages to their colleagues. Team leaders can create custom chat channels for their teams. Also, it is very easy to share Office files on Teams. Your entire team can work on these documents in real-time.

  1. Zoom (Video Conferencing)

Zoom has probably become the most famous app during this pandemic. Everyone is using it for connecting with other people. Teachers are using it for teaching their students and team leaders are using it for communicating with their team members. Zoom is a simple videoconferencing application that you can use for simulating face-to-face interaction.

It will help you in conducting virtual meetings with your employees and clients. Zoom will help you in scheduling video conferences. Also, you can change your background. It will allow you to share your computer screen with other participants.

  1. VPNs (Security)

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks can help you in protecting your remote workers. These tools will help you with encrypting and anonymizing internet traffic. Thus, it will become very difficult to intercept internet traffic. Attackers can’t intercept your employee’s connection. This can help you in protecting your business from security breaches.

Most companies have made it mandatory to use VPNs.

Sometimes your employees can use public Wi-Fi networks for accessing your critical applications. Due to this, your entire network can get compromised. The best way to protect your network is by using VPNs. These tools won’t help you in increasing the productivity of your employees but it will help you in protecting your business from cyber-attacks.

  1. GitHub (Version Control/Software Development Kit)

GitHub is probably the most important tool for software developers. It is a simple software development platform where developers can work together on the same project. This will help you in increasing the productivity of your developers. GitHub offers a various coding feature to developers. This will ensure that your developers can code, test, debug, and build in a cloud environment. Also, they can easily streamline testing and project management.

  1. Password Management Software

Password Management Software has become very important for businesses. Most employees are using their personal devices for accessing your applications. Thus, it is important to ensure that they are using strong passwords. The best way to ensure this is by using good password management software.

Most employees are reusing the same password for accessing their data. If their Facebook account gets compromised, then all the remaining accounts will automatically get compromised. Thus, you should ensure that they are using unique and strong passwords for accessing your data and applications. You can use Password manager tools like LastPass, 1Password, and DashLane. These tools will help your employees in creating high-strength and unique passwords. Your employees don’t need to remember these passwords as they can always check these apps.

  1. Remote Desktop Software

Your employees can’t work remotely until they have access to remote desktop software. Businesses can use various remote desktop tools for monitoring and managing their remote employee’s computers. The two most famous tools available in the market are Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) and Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDC). These programs will ensure that businesses can remotely manage their employee’s systems. Thus, they can remotely download software updates. Also, it will become easy to enforce your security rules.

This will also ensure that your employees don’t need to update their systems manually. Your IT team or MSP can help them in updating their systems automatically. However, it will remove some of their control from their systems.

  1. Jira (Software Development and Team Productivity Tool)

Every developer probably already knows about Jira. Software developers can use Jira for managing their big projects. Almost every agile team is using Jira for managing their projects. You can put specific tasks on different cards in this software. These tasks will be assigned to your employees. Thus, they can start working on these tasks.

Every employee will have access to these cards. Thus, they can easily track their progress. You can use different swim lanes for tracking the progress of any task. This will ensure that your team leader can easily check the progress.


Remote work is only going to grow with time. We will eventually get a vaccine for COVID-19 but still, many companies are going to stick with remote work. Remote work can help you in saving a lot of money. Also, it can help you in increasing the productivity of your employees. Companies now understand the importance of the benefits of remote work. These tools will eventually help you in increasing the productivity of your employees. If you need more tips regarding remote work, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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