I Need Virtual Phone Solutions

Legacy phone systems are expensive to maintain and lack the robust features that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems deliver. VoIP uses your local area network and the Internet for phone calls, instead of traditional phone lines. You’ll see a 70 percent reduction from your current phone bill and improve productivity with its integrated, flexible infrastructure. VoIP business solutions support multiple types of communication and easily adjust to your changing needs.

Partner with Bleuwire to get the newest, most powerful VoIP support available. Our call detail reports provide insight on how to optimize your bandwidth for best performance. We install and maintain your VoIP solution. With a new or upgraded VoIP system, you have a clear advantage over the competition, as well as the versatility you need to achieve your goals.

Leverage the way you communicate with our VoIP services.


Meetings Improved


Channel Optimized


Conversations Saved

Benefits of Managed VoIP Support

Communicate Anywhere

VoIP is ideal for remote workforces. We use advanced call forwarding to ensure you and your employees stay connected—in or out of the office.

Save Money

Skip the hefty hardware, installation and long-distance charges associated with standard phones. We provide you with a flexible, cost-effective solution that can be easily scaled for your needs and goals.

Gain Advanced Features

VoIP integrates with customer management applications, live chat and real-time coaching tools and other capabilities a standard phone system can’t provide. VoIP enables you to service customers more efficiently and effectively.

Integrate Microsoft Outlook

Pair VoIP services with Office 365 management for the power to access voicemail and send faxes via email. We make sure your systems are optimized with the features you need to propel your productivity.

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