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The Best Free Cloud Storage Options 2018: Up to 50GB Free

By August 13, 2018January 12th, 2019No Comments

Cloud storage is one of the most popular current technological trends. You can store your files securely and access them remotely from anywhere. Most interfaces are simple-to-use, making storing your photos, documents, videos, and other files easier than ever.

It usually takes a monthly subscription to get a good deal of cloud storage application hosting but there are many great cost-effective free options. These work great both for personal use and for businesses.

Here are the Best Free Online Cloud Storage options, offering up to 50GB Free Storage without any costs.

Free: Up to 50GB

Paid: Starting at $5/month for 1TB

MediaFire is one of the longest-running storage services on the web. Their cloud storage account gives you 10GB free to start with, but this can be expanded up to 50GB through referrals and other methods.

They also offer some of the best premium options. For just $45 a year (or alternatively $5/month) you can get an outstanding 1TB of storage. They also offer a business account providing you with 100TB at $40 per month.

MediaFire promises solid uptime and unlimited bandwidth and downloads, making this a very attractive option for your cloud storage.

Free: Up to 50GB

Paid: Starting at approx. $5.84/month for 200GB

Mega offers a great deal with the highest amount of free cloud storage on the market. However, you must participate in their achievement program to get the maximum amount.

You can upgrade to 200GB cloud storage with a transfer speed of 1TB for 4.99 €/month (approx. $5.84). They also offer 1TB at $11.59/month and a whopping 8TB for $34.80 monthly.

The Mega platform is focused on maximum-security. While there are recovery options, they won’t even store your password, so make sure you memorize it if you sign up.

Free: Up to 20GB

Paid: Starting at $4.99/month for 500GB

This company arguably offers the best deals of any cloud service. You can get up to 20GB for a free account, offering a PC program for storage and access from all devices.

Their paid offers are also impressive. You can get 500GB at $4.99 a month or pay $150 to get the same amount for life. They also offer 2TB for a one-time payment of $350 as well as a range of generous monthly and annual rates.

If pCloud piques your interest, it’s best to buy now, as they currently offer a 67% off summertime deal.

Google Drive

Free: 15GB

Paid: Starting at $1.99/month for 100GB

Google Drive comes free with every Google and Gmail account, so you likely have free storage already. Google cloud storage gives you a generous 15GB of free cloud storage with no catch, as well as unlimited storage for Google Docs and Google Sheets files.

If you want to upgrade, $1.99 a month will get you 100GB. You can get 2TB at $19.99 a month and their packages even go up to a mammoth 30TB, albeit at a much higher cost.

Google Drive is the most trusted and reliable platform on the market. 15GB is enough for personal use for most people, while businesses of all sizes can benefit from their paid packages.

Free: 10GB

Paid: Starting at $5/month for 100GB

Another popular free option, Box gives you 10GB at no cost whatsoever when you sign up. You can transfer files easily between devices and offer other people access with customizable permissions.

Those looking for a paid personal account can benefit from 100GB at $5/month. They also offer business accounts offering unlimited storage at only $15 per month. Their Business Plus account offers even more features, albeit at a higher price.

It’s hard to complain with 10GB for free, and with super cheap unlimited storage Box, is definitely a competitor for the best cloud storage service.


The generous storage sizes and range of useful features make these five services the best largest free cloud storage options for 2018.

There are other solid free options out there, such as Microsoft OneDrive and iCloud. However, these don’t offer quite as much storage for free.

These services also offer generous low-cost deals for both business and personal use. Take a look around and decide which one suits you the best.

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