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The Bleuwire Approach to Managed Services for Legal Practices

Two challenges the law firms face are keeping customers satisfied and costs down. Bleuwire understands that technology plays an integral role in handling both. You may have a tech profile that may justify maintaining an expensive internal IT organization. However, boutique firms have only a portion of the infrastructure, and also their investment and its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can’t easily be warranted.

For both small and large legal firms outsourcing to Bleuwire is an affordable choice. We help all legal practices achieve client and business goals by providing data protection and security; business continuity planning and disaster recovery; email archiving, data storage management and compliance; as well as support for your firm’s mission-critical applications.

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Because of the constant interaction between your customers and technologies daily, your technology has to encourage interactions like mobile systems, video conferencing, account management and document sharing. We ensure this interaction runs smoothly and economically.


Time is valuable to you and your clientele. You can not afford inconsistent downtime or performance from your systems that manage significant tasks like case management, research and coordinated communications. We maintain your business systems running smoothly.


If you do business on the go, you open a wide door to risks. One hacking event, one missing telephone or one instance of missing customer data can batter your reputation. We ensure that your technology is bulletproof, guarding against danger 24/7.


Your team is in meetings or out of the office a good deal. They compensate for this using cellular devices to make decisions and collaborate anytime and anyplace. These devices have to be connected to your system, identified, inventoried and monitored. We assist your staff members to remain productive when they’re on the go.

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