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It’s Monday morning, and you turn on your computer. You grab coffee expecting your computer to be ready by the time you get back, but a black screen stares back at you. You’re smart; you know you can figure this out. You make sure everything is plugged in, and it is. Everything appears to be correct, but when you push the power button you’re left staring at your reflection in the black screen.

Bleuwire’s help desk support provides the tech relief businesses in Florida need for unexpected mornings. You get real experts on the phone so that you can solve your problems quickly. Our remote support provides easy-to-understand instructions to troubleshoot your IT issues and get you back to work quicker. But, we know that sometimes an onsite visit is necessary to resolve your tougher problems.

A better IT experience is a phone call away.


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Benefits of Help Desk Support

 Better Response Time 

Bleuwire help desk will help you in quickly solving your employee and customer issues. Downtime will be minimized significantly as you can dispatch the help immediately. Your employees don’t need to wait for hours. Employees are unproductive when they can’t do their work. This problem is avoided or mitigated when you work with Bleuwire.

Cost Savings 

You don’t need to hire new people to provide a higher level of support to your employees. Organizations can minimize the fixed costs by hiring outsourced help desk support. Bleuwire will help you in saving a lot of money as you don’t need to worry about hiring full-time employees. You can invest this cash into other endeavors for maximizing your company’s profits.

Certified Technical Expertise

It can be difficult to find certified technical experts for your business. Bleuwire technicians are certified in popular technologies from leading manufacturers including HP, IBM, Microsoft, Network Association, Apple Computer, Cisco Systems, Computer Associates, and VERITAS.

Real-time support 

Most companies follow the strict 9-5 schedule but they are conducting transactions outside your normal work hours. For example, employees or your customers might need immediate support on a weekend. If you don’t have help desk support after normal working hours, then this will lead to frustrated customers. Bleuwire will give you access to real-time IT support. We strive to answer our client calls within seconds.

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Overcome your black-screen woes and improve business continuity.