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I Need Colocation Services Management

Colocation services management involves renting space for your servers and computing hardware at the data center facility of a third-party provider. Physical security, networking, redundant power, cooling components, etc., are the main elements involved in your business activities. These services also support the storage and servers provided by customers.

You can eliminate the capital expenditures of maintaining and building your own facility by utilizing colocation services management. Bleuwire is the one-stop solution that assists you with colocation services to retain ownership and control of physical servers. Our IT team provides top-tier colocation services backed by service level agreements with your business. We help minimize the downsides of your business as travel costs and capital expenses.

We provide you with a support team for handling the entire hardware life cycle management and tools to manage the business environment. You can leave your late-night emergencies and routine hardware management to Bleuwire. We help eliminate your travel expenses and free your IT staff to help them focus on more impactful activities.

We allow you to run your servers, storage, and other hardware devices efficiently in any of our data centers. Our IT team provides reliable, highly securable, and scalable global colocation services.

Get a High-performance IT Environment for your critical IT infrastructure.


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Benefits of Colocation Services Management


In the modern world, organizations need to ensure that their services are available 24/7. Bleuwire has built a robust infrastructure and built-in redundancies to ensure that your services will be always available. The technical team will ensure that your data is always up and running and your customers can access it whenever they need it.

Security and compliance 

Regulatory and security requirements are a big issue for organizations. Bleuwire provides comprehensive security measures to meet these requirements. They have 24×7 in-house security officers, keycard scanners, biometrics, mantrap entries, and IP-DVR cameras to ensure that your data is secure.


Bleuwire will help you in supporting your future growth. Whether you start small and you need to expand your IT infrastructure, move into new markets, or need to connect your business to the cloud, we will help you in finding solutions to support any need.


Colocation services management offers space at a service data center for your IT hardware. Our IT team audits these facilities for reliability like cable trays, racks, cabinets, etc., for your equipment. Bleuwire will ensure that you have access to the best equipment only. This will help you in avoiding unplanned downtime.

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Our colocation services management solutions power your success - from a single cabinet to custom-built server deployments.