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I Need a SIEM Reporting Solution

Every key stroke and click online leaves a digital footprint, and with the right technology and expertise, you can collect, manage and analyze that data. The data you collect allows you to pinpoint vulnerabilities and prove how often you’re meeting compliance. But, with every department using different tools, operating systems and apps, maintaining a compliance audit trail becomes tedious and daunting.

Bleuwire’s security information and event management solutions provide a management layer above your existing security systems to give you an all-inclusive, enterprise-wide view of all activity. We monitor your SIEM system and analyze data to secure breaches and implement disaster prevention plans. As our SIEM system collects data, we centralize your systems to keep your IT secure and prevent future breaches.

Collect the data you need to keep your IT protected.


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Benefits of Managed IT Compliance Services

Meet Compliance

SIEM systems collect the data from your digital footprint and turns that data into printable reports you can submit for compliance reporting regulations. You see in real-time where you need to improve your security and prove on paper that you’re meeting ever-changing standards.

Proactively Detect Threats

Our SIEM solution does more than log events. It also analyzes entries to identify malicious activity and communicate with security controls to block threats before they become attacks. Plus, a single interface allows us to quickly contain cyber threats.

Simplify Investigations

By storing and analyzing data, our SIEM solution creates a thorough, readable and court-approved forensics report that shows each incident and when the attack occurred. You save time and reduce the hassle of manually interpreting data and creating reports.

Improve Prevention

As our SIEM solution analyzes incidents, attacks and the status of your systems, it gains more knowledge on how to prevent vulnerabilities. The longer you use our SIEM system, the better it becomes at preventing attacks before they breach your security.

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