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I Need a Local Computer Support Specialist

Technology fails—internal systems, components and even well-maintained machines eventually break down from wear and tear. You need professionals that have the expertise to provide a thorough analysis of virtually any type of computing hardware or accessory.

Bleuwire keeps your Apple, Windows or hybrid computer environment running smoothly with our proactive PC and Mac support. We optimize your environment so your team can collaborate and communicate no matter what system you’re using. This enables your team to stay focused on what’s important—saving you time and money.

Don’t let computer failure delay your day.


Computers Monitored


PCs Updated


Bugs Resolved

Benefits of PC and Mac Support

Protect Critical Data

Pair PC and Mac IT services with backup and disaster recovery to protect your emails and data. If your systems crash, we’re prepared with rapid solutions to restore your systems.

Stay Organized

It’s hard to keep track of warranties, updates and system specs. We manage your warranties and service agreements, and maintain your RAM, hard drive space and program updates.

Maximize Performance

PCs and Macs don’t always play well together. We provide PC and Mac IT solutions to optimize your environment and reduce the number of compatibility issues, so your team can work together.

Gain Microsoft Outlook Support

Take full advantage of Microsoft 365 Management and its built-in features—we help you fully integrate with cloud-based productivity tools.

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Enhance your computer productivity and security.