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I Need Help Identifying  Security Vulnerabilities

Trying to fix problems without knowing the underlying issue leaves you in an endless loop of uncertainty and downtime. You waste time making changes to your security, but without pinpointing the real problem, new issues keep arising and your downtime extends. Instead, you should test your IT and discover the cause of gaps in your security.

Bleuwire provides a security vulnerability and penetration testing assessment to pinpoint the cause of your headaches. We cover every inch of your environment to locate gaps, close them and install solutions to prevent future risks. From limiting user access to managing email, physical assets, wired and wireless networks, file storage and more, our IT assessments are designed to keep your data and business safe. Plus, we train your employees on how to detect malicious links and spam to prevent cyberattacks from the inside.

Don’t let gaps in your IT security weaken your defenses.


Employees Trained


Assessments Performed


Cyberattacks Prevented

Benefits of Security Vulnerability Assessment

Prioritize Risks

Our IT assessment lists and organizes risks by their importance, so you can see what causes the most damage to your organization. This allows you to stop the biggest attacks first instead of focusing on smaller gaps in your security.

Minimize Downtime

Data breaches and other gaps in your security lead to downtime and loss of revenue. By locating your vulnerabilities, we minimize your risk of downtime by fixing issues before they become damaging problems.

Real-Time Reporting

Our security vulnerability and penetration testing assessment results are condensed and printed into an easy-to-understand document. We review the data with you, so you know exactly which steps we’ll take next to keep your organization secure.

Meet Compliance

Security is a key factor in meeting compliance standards and regulations. By locating your vulnerabilities and strengthening your IT, we help you meet compliance every year despite ever-changing requirements.

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