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Safety is a nice feeling. But to get there, a lot has to go right in your business. Are your virus scanners up-to-date? Have there been any security-related incidents in the system in the last two weeks? And how are your most valuable company data backed up? 

The many requirements for secure IT can push small businesses to their limits. With security-as-a-service vendors, you rely on external experts to make your business more secure. The advantages of security management can be found in our blog post.

It Companies In Miami Florida makes your security strong

Your IT in the company is a central element for your success. After all, your employees have to work on their projects, the billing process has to be right, and communication with the customer is also done through the computer. Security Management makes sure that your network cannot be attacked from the outside and that all protection measures are taken internally. IT Companies In Miami Florida keep your data protected with multi-layer security support.

It Companies In Miami Florida

In hectic everyday life, just the important routine tasks come too short. An update for the virus scanner takes time and annoys at work. Highly specialized protection measures for your company are expensive and complicated – often too complicated for the company’s own IT. Here we come into play as an external service provider. Security-as-a-Service includes programs and applications that are delivered over the Internet. This allows us to manage your safety without being on the spot.

What security measures It Companies In Miami Florida needs

  • Continuously updated free virus scanner: There is no way around it. Externally managed systems can be updated independently of the users and thus do not disturb the workflow.
  • An efficient, well-established firewall: The firewall separates your network from the Internet and allows you to pass through the information you need to work. But of course, not everything should be blocked, which does not belong to the workflow. Security Management finds the golden middle ground.
  • System Monitoring: Finding Weak Points Before They Cause Errors: In Security-as-a-Service, your computer systems are always under the watchful eye of a computer security expert. It identifies problems before they happen and analyzes unusual occurrences.
  • Network Security: Segmented networks eliminate attack points for hackers. Because when you disconnect your networks, individual workstations can only access specific parts of the system-protecting your sensitive corporate data.
  • E-mail Security: Your employees’ e-mail accounts often open the door to phishing attempts. Security management helps prevent harmful emails from arriving in the mailbox.
  • Malware Control: Viruses and malware can sometimes find their way into your system. Well-thought-out malware combats the damage and makes your IT fit quickly.
  • Identity and Access Management: Who has access to their network? Which department is allowed to see which data? With Identity Management you enjoy a higher level of data security and prevent hacker attacks.
  • A Disaster Recovery Plan: Emergencies happen again and again. All the better, if you have a plan, which happens in case of case. Is your data protected well (and twice!)? If not, it will be high time!
  • Traceable documentation: The best security concept will not help if nobody understands it. Documentation makes the handover between employees easier and brings clarity.

External Security Management:

It Companies In Miami Florida Experts bring security

You can now outsource your entire IT. You do not even need your own PCs to run a business successfully. The most important applications run via the cloud or are located directly on our servers. This has the advantage that attackers first have to crack our extremely high-security standards. In contrast to the company-owned server, our hardware is backed by countless paths – a bulwark that is not so easy to break down.

Security-as-a-Service brings another advantage: It’s worth working with IT security experts. Every employee in IT has its own strengths and weaknesses. Your IT crew probably consists of generalists who handle everything from network technology to data protection in the everyday business.

You can do everything a bit, but nothing perfect. That’s why it’s an efficient idea to get external specialists for safety to complement the team. This saves resources, time and leads to a higher standard of internet security in your company.

Conclusion: Comprehensive protection with security management

External, cloud-based security management relies on your systems being networked together. Your employees are only accessing the network with their computers while the server is in a high-security facility. Even if the devices fall victim to a hack or there is an infection with malware, your backed-up data will not be affected.

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Security as a managed service saves you from having to invest heavily in your own protective measures and enables uncomplicated remote maintenance of your systems. Monthly billing is transparent, clear and predictable. IT Companies In Miami Florida also provides security from cyber crimes.

Do you think too much about IT security? We are happy to advise you on how Security-as-a-Service can help you to reduce your IT costs.

Contact Bleuwire™ to learn about services and solutions – how we can help your business.

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