10 Business Tech Tools to Increase Productivity


10 Business Tech Tools to Increase Productivity

Running a successful business Includes many factors such as careful planning, goal setting, and using the right tools. While not all business people can afford private assistants, you can certainly make use of available online business tools to get the most out of your work. The best part is that many business tools are available for free as desktop and mobile applications.


This business tool is for taking, organizing, and saving notes for future referencing or sharing. This resource is available as a desktop and mobile app. Once you sign up for an account, you can synchronize your notes from your phone to your desktop.

Evernote allows you to share notes from a meeting with colleagues or business partners in real time. Anyone with the login credentials can access all notes, which makes it easier to send internal memos and instructions. This business tool makes it convenient to store, retrieve, and remember all the essential notes concerning your business or organization.


Trello comes in handy in collaborative projects that involve two or more people. It is a tool for creative artists like photographers who want to share their concept with the makeup and lighting team. Trello allows you to organize a project regarding mood boards, checklists, and cards.

Users invited to the Trello mood board can access and contribute to the mood board. This business tools will allow you to finish projects faster and accurately. It enables team members to understand their roles, who they work with and their specific responsibilities.

Trello allows you to highlight complete tasks, prioritize urgent tasks, and schedule future tasks. There is harmony in the way projects get coordinated, which ensures resources get appropriately utilized throughout the project.


GasBuddy makes it convenient to know how much you pay for gas in different states. The business tool is available online and can be downloaded and installed on a mobile device. GasBuddy is full of useful features that make refueling cheaper and seamless.

It also has an integrated Trip Cost Calculator allows you to accurately plan your journey and know how much it will cost in gas money. Another useful feature is Heat Map, which maps average gas prices across all American states. Also, there is an integrated price chart that provides detailed information on local gas prices.

GasBuddy also introduced a pay card for all its loyal customers. One has to link a checking account to the card and make payments instantly. Most gas stations in the U.S. accept the GasBuddy pay card, and users earn loyalty points on payments they make using it.


Uber is a mobile app that helps users to request for transportation or a cab. The cab service is currently available on several continents and has fast penetration in various countries throughout the world. Uber has several features that make planning trips easy and stress-free.

Users can estimate how much a cab ride would cost and even select between economy and luxury rides. Uber app shows you how long it will take for your cab to arrive and the shortest routes to get to your destination. Also, it is possible to plan future trips and link a credit card for convenient payments.

Uber rewards its customers with promo discounts on trips. You can also order lunch and have a cab driver deliver it to your office.


HootSuite is a business tool for creating, scheduling, and monitoring content posted on social media pages. The online tool for businesses allows you to link all your social media accounts and manage them in one place. Through HootSuite, you can monitor content engagement in real time and obtain useful data that can help boost your return on investment.

HootSuite allows you to curate online content that is relevant to your business. These can be quotes, images, or articles that complement your business values. It is possible to post this content instantly to all social media platforms, without having to log in to all your social media accounts separately. You can use this business tool to schedule posts from your content library to ensure your social media presence remains active 24/7.


TweetDeck organizes all your twitter pages into one page. This tool displays your Home, Notification, Inbox, and Activity pages in one place making sure you never miss a tweet or message.

With TweetDeck, you can schedule tweets to ensure your online presence remains active. You can instantly know who is following you or who your business partner is following. TweetDeck adds a convenient toolbar on the left side of the page to help you quickly navigate between pages.


Every business that wishes to maintain a sound online presence needs a WordPress account. WordPress not only allows you to manage your business blog on the go but it also possible to upgrade the blog to a professional website. Businesses can blog about their new products, a promotion they are running, or engage their users with the information they find useful.

WordPress provides three packages to anyone interested in starting a blog. The first package is for people looking to run personal blogs and engage with their online followers. The second package caters to entrepreneurs or freelancers. The third package is for professional business websites.

WordPress makes building a personal website easy even for the amateur. You can also choose a theme for your site to make it look more personal and appealing.

Google Analytics

How do you track your social engagement and know that your ROI is paying off? With useful business tools like Google Analytics, it is possible to analyze data from your website or social media pages with regards to business sales. Google Analytics works for blogs and websites that want to gain more traction or conversion rates.

Google Analytics will track all visits to your website or the number of time users click on your links. You will also know which of your blog posts are more engaging or which product sold the most during a specified period. Google Analytics will give you raw data of everything that is happening on your website or blog.



Pixlr is a credible tool for editing images to look professional and more appealing. Pixlr is available as an online tool, as a desktop app, and as a mobile app. All its features get saved on a cloud, which means that it does not take up much space on any device.

Pixlr works in two modes: Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express. Express is for anyone who needs the necessary tools to give an image a quick touch-up before posting. Pixlr Editor is more advanced and allows creators to work with layers, transform objects, or even alter the appearance of images.


Canva is a creative tool for graphic designers. It works as a photo editor, font editor, and a color grading tool. Canva allows you to design eCards, Logos, labels, posters, resumes, brochures, postcards, banners, and flyers. It also has tools for building analytic resources like mind maps, pie charts, line graphs, organization charts, and Venn diagrams.

Canva is also suitable for users who want to learn something new about their craft. The online version of Canva includes a Design School where users can sign up and attend design courses. Also, there are many video tutorials, reading materials, and features to help designers understand color and how to use it in their work.

It is important to try a variety of tech tools to find which ones work best with your business and increase company productivity to its maximum potential. Since many business tech tools are free, trying different types and implementing the best suited ones is an easy business decision.

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