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15 Common Myths About Computer Repair

By July 8, 2019No Comments
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Technology is evolving at a rate of knots as new updates are being launched in the electronic market on a weekly basis. However, like any other electronic devices, computers are also susceptible to damages. Computers, just like all other machines need repairing. No matter how tech-savvy you are your computer may slow down. And for the efficient working of a computer, it should be repaired while facing any issues. But some myths prevail even about computer repairing but it’s time for these myths to be busted.

  • Malware or viruses lead to the damaging of the computer

Many a time people tend to think that whatever problem that occurs in a computer is because of the attack of malware or viruses. But no, this is not the scenario. In modern times, viruses are advanced enough to not slow down your computer. The slowing down of your computer or laptop may be an indication that it’s time for the computer to get a service.

  • Antivirus and firewalls provide foolproof  protection against viruses

Is it really so? Are the firewalls and antiviruses 100% effective? No, they are not. It has been long believed that downloading an antivirus or firewall is just all you need to protect your computer from viruses. At times, while trying to download antiviruses people may actually be misled to download a virus. If it is being downloaded from a new program or an unknown program, please cancel the download immediately.

  • Viruses may make your computer go crazy

There are certain myths like viruses can physically damage your computer or your laptop or your device may explode due to it. Myths like these sound ridiculous. The hardware of a computer remains unaffected. Viruses can harm the firmware or the BIOS but the hardware is untouched.

  • MACs are virus free

It is commonly believed that the MAC PCs are not affected by viruses. It is a strong belief that MAC is easy to mend and repair and is also secure against viruses. But this is not always the situation. MAC is secured in a better way against viruses compared to other Operating Systems but this does not mean that it cannot be affected by software viruses.

  • Auto – updates are risky

People try to neglect the auto-update feature and straightaway disallow them. But this is not recommended. Auto-updates are safe and also provides for better security by fixing the security loopholes.

  • Firefox is way more secure than other browsers

All the browsers are at the same risk of being affected by viruses. Viruses are getting more advanced day by day and the Javascript, the programming language of the web is also used by the virus developers to initiate an attack on all the browsers. On the other hand, using Adobe Acrobat reader invites exploitations too.

  • You need to drain your battery before you charge again

Many laptop users first drain the battery completely before charging it back again. But you may not do this because the modern batteries are made of lithium ion which works better when not drained to zero.

  • Turning off your computer may kill your data

The worst thing that can ever happen if you switch off your computer is that you may end up losing all your unsaved files or data and when you reboot your computer programs back which you were using, it may try to retrieve the lost data.

  • The costlier the device the least it is prone to damage

Generally, this statement is false because you may get an ideal computer without having to pay much. All you need to do is a bit of research and comparisons and decide what features you want in your PC or laptops. All the devices can be harmed without taking the price of the gadget into consideration.

  • Use of magnets can destroy data

This statement is true only in the case of floppy disks. The data stored in the discs can be destroyed but if you use as cards, computer hard drives, etc. then it is impossible to tamper the data virtually.

  • Speeding up your computer may lead to faster internet services

If you want to enjoy faster internet services then you need to switch to wireless networks or cables or DSL. Although emptying or modifying the space in your computer may only lead your computer to work faster.

  • Flat rate or costuming the rate according to you in a computer repair shop

If a computer repairman says that he can repair your computer at flat rates then it is fake because the rates for computer repairing are fixed only by the labor charges in most cases.

  • Yes, you can switch technicians

Many people believe that the technician they stick to is the best. You can switch technicians. Many computer faults which may not be solved by your technician may be solved by some other.

  • Computers can be fixed only by the Geeks

This is an age-old myth. The new computers are modular in their construction and can be easily fixed by anyone. We just need to know the steps to fix it.

  • Defragging computer by self is not possible

You can defrag a program which is already installed in your computer system. As fragmentation of computer may cause many problems.

The given myths about computer repairing have lived long enough and it is now time these myths are replaced by nothing but the truth. Computers and laptops have become necessary these days for so many different reasons and blinded by these myths we could not have our computer repaired properly (when needed).

We all need to deal with certain issue no matter how tech-savvy we all are. So next time you feel your computer needs repairing do not neglect it. If it can be resolved by you do it or otherwise reach out for help. It will help your computer to stay fast, safe and in proper working condition.

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