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5 Best Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Software

By December 31, 2019No Comments6 min read
Data Loss Prevention DLP

Data security has become an important part of every business. Technology has made it easier to analyze and gather customer data. Companies are using this data for making better decisions. Thus, data plays a very important role in the modern world. But, it is also important to protect your customer data. It is your responsibility to protect your customer data from attackers. Data breaches are becoming more common. Companies like Equifax has also fallen victim to data breaches. Data breaches can cause a lot of damage to your business reputation

Cybersecurity plays a very important role in securing your data from hackers. But, you should also have good data management policies. This will help you in handling your customer data. If you want to add an extra layer of protection, then DLP is perfect for you.

What is the DLP system?

You can use DLP software for controlling your data. It will help you in strictly classifying your sensitive data. If you are using the DLP solution, then your end-users can’t share your data with other users without proper authorization. For example, if your employee is trying to transfer data from their private network into a public network like Google drive, then DLP software will block them. They first need to take proper permission from the IT department.

The main aim of a DLP solution is to protect companies from themselves. It will help you in reducing human errors in your company. Also, it will protect your company from an insider threat. Most of the data breaches occur due to insider threats. If you want to avoid a data breach, then DLP software is very important for your business. It will help you in reducing the possibility of a data breach.

How does DLP solution work?

DLP tools are using the latest AI technology for identifying unusual activity in your network. They will monitor your network for suspicious behavior. Also, DLP tools can take action before your sensitive data is compromised. This will help you in reducing the insider threats. Most of the DLP software is using policy packages of compliance standards like ISO 27001, GDPR and HIPPA. If your users are doing any violation, then DLP software will alert your network admin. It will also stop users from transferring any sensitive data.

DLP software will continuously check your network endpoint activities. It will also monitor your cloud activity and network data streams. Most of the DLP tools are also using data forensics tools. Thus, they can determine the origin of your data. It can also determine if the data was manipulated by your end-users.

There are various DLP tools available in the market. You can customize these services for meeting your business needs. Thus, the pricing of these tools will also depend on your business needs. Most of the cybersecurity companies are offering paid tools to businesses. But, if you are low on budget then you can also go for open source tools.

  1. Symantec DLP

Symantec is one of the most famous cybersecurity companies and Symantec DLP solution will help you in monitoring your user-installed apps. It will help you in handling the endpoint data. The best thing about this DLP suite is that it also supports multi-cloud and hybrid networks. If you are using services like Salesforce and Office 365, then this DLP suite is perfect for you. It is also a scalable solution.

  1. SecureTrust DLP

If you are looking for a robust platform, then SecureTrust DLP is perfect for you. It has more than 70 predefined risk settings and policies. You can adjust these settings according to your business needs. The SecureTrust DLP tool also has an in-built analysis tool. It will check your web-based attachments and documents for malicious content. This will help you in complying with data governance policies and compliance. It will automatically block any malicious action. Thus, you don’t need to worry about manually blocking your user actions.

  1. McAfee Total Protection for DLP

McAfee is also one of the most famous cybersecurity companies. Most companies are already using McAfee antivirus for protecting their business network. The unique thing about McAfee is that they provide forensic analysis tools. Thus, it can automatically identify important data that is not covered by your rules. It will also provide details about your user activities. This will help you in remaining compliant even if your policy is not correct. Thus, you don’t need to worry about creating an accurate security policy.

  1. Check Point DLP

This is the most intuitive DLP tools available in the market. It will automatically track all the data across your services. Also, it will send automated alerts whenever any security policy is violated. Check Point DLP already contains some preconfigured and common rules. This will allow your business to implement the DLP solution quickly. But, it doesn’t have customizable functionality like other DLP tools.

  1. Digital Guardian Endpoint Data Loss Prevention

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile solution, then Endpoint DLP is perfect for you. It will automatically tag and categorize your sensitive data. The best thing about Endpoint DLP is that it can work on multiple cloud platforms and operating systems. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility issue. Endpoint DLP can handle more than 250,000 users. You can also add-on features like encryption protection for protecting your data. This will ensure that your data is protected from attackers.


Data breaches can cause serious damage to your business reputation. Thus, it is important to protect your business from attackers. Companies are spending a huge amount of money on data security. DLP tools are becoming more important with time. These tools will ensure that your sensitive data is safe from insider threats. Most of the data breaches occur due to insider threats. Thus, you must protect your sensitive data from insider threats. You can also SECaaS providers for protecting your data. If you want more security tips, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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