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5 Common Technology Problems and How to Solve Them

By September 25, 2019October 25th, 2022No Comments6 min read

In 2019, we are not just active users of technology, we are dependent on them. From the mobile phones in our hands to the chip on your ATM cards, over time, we have seen all these become a very significant part of our existence. Take your phone away for a day and you are sure to feel fidgety. But behind this booming industry is the long list of pitfalls that the engineering behind their computers faces each day. As glamorous as the world of technology seems from the vision of Elon Musk and Bill Gates, in reality, even technological advancements are facing some of the worse crisis in modern days.

Skilled Manpower

As hard as it is to create innovation in technology, it is harder to find a talented workforce to back it.  Although the tech-field has the highest employment in the world, the advancements are happening at a pace higher than the learning rate. With new systems in place each year, there is always a lack of good talent to keep the industry alive.

There is also a geographic issue. All technological advancements are isolated to different parts of the world. So with each new development, the entire working population has to be trained to adapt to a tech.


The only way to fix this problem is by creating segregation and specialization in the early stages of learning. Instead of bombarding students with all-thing-technology, if we are able to bifurcate the fields early on, we can produce more skilled talent and achieve higher efficiency from them.

Data Security.

The safety of data has always been of grave concern to any big tech giant. Even companies like Facebook and Google are battling each day to assure the privacy of user data. The recent incident with Facebook’s data scandal has thrown light on how no data is safe on the internet. The problem with data safety is that there are not enough government regulations in place.

Uninformed users also play a huge role in this problem. With millions of new users exposed to the internet each year, there is no way to control and educate them about the many ways data can be misused.


Creating regulation at a global level. Companies around the world must dedicate some guidelines in the use and distribution of data. If you think agreeing to the same guidelines world over is an impossible task. Remember, the red light means the same anywhere on the globe. Another important factor is the education of early users to the pros and cons of data permissions.

Flaws in Execution

New tech, just like a new piece of furniture, needs to go through many stages of tests before it can be made available for mass usage. The many stages like alpha testing and beta testing are prerequisites before any technology can be deployed. This is a time-consuming process and often the biggest hitch for new players.

There is also the major loss in translation between the developers and the distributors. Often technology, as good as it may be, will end up in the wrong markets. The simple problem is that the people creating a product are not the same selling it.


A friend working in the big-data division of a leading company once told me this, “The only way a product will make positive change is when tech-guys start to sell their own products”. Product developers must not stop at coding but also study supply-demand markets. This change is already evident with the boom in IT-startups across the world.

Artificial Intelligence Takeover.

Humans created AI, and now we are threatened by it. We are running a race with artificial intelligence and losing at it without our knowledge. AI was created as a technology that can improve the efficiency of every-day time-consuming processes. Fields like sorting, labeling, inventory, and accounting have already seen a massive takeover of AI.

The issue is that machine learning is becoming more efficient than human learning.  A recent case in California showed an AI robot asked to run as fast as possible, instead developed in hight and fell face-forward to cover the distance it was supposed to run. Tech geniuses across the world worry that we will not be able to control this monster we have created.


The issue of AI domination is far into the future. Many companies are already making efforts to control the blow-out. The simple solution is having well-planned research and many levels of beta testing before dispatching products to the market.

Cloud Storage Crunch

If the waste management problem in your city is a problem, imagine the tons of garbage collected in the clouds. With almost everything on the internet, companies are unable to keep up with the growing bandwidth. Towers of storage units in remote locations are unable to manage and separate the useful data from the unwanted. We also face the issue of data safety as mentioned above. An organization like Amazon has publically stated that warehouse space is not as much of an issue as cloud storage.


Cloud networking advancements should be encouraged. Everyone wants to create data but not many entrepreneurs are working on making storage optimized and well encrypted.


There might be a rise in technological risks, but that does not come in the way of development. These problems are just a minor pawn in the lard board game of technology. Opt for the above fixes to solve all the technological issues.

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