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5 IT Risks That Are Putting Your Business in Danger

By June 7, 2021No Comments
IT Risks business danger

IT is great for organizations. Every organization is using IT for saving money and increasing its productivity. IT can help your employees in solving various problems. However, these advantages also come with hidden risks. IT is going to act as your business partner. Most companies treat technology as their silent partner. They lack the resource to maintain and monitor their technology. If you are not checking your technology, then things will go wrong in the background. You have to ensure that your IT is working problem. If your IT fails, then it will become a serious business problem. In this article, we are going to talk about 5 IT risks that can put your business in danger.

  1. IT infrastructure

Most IT teams only focus on developing new products for their organization. However, they should ensure that your IT is never out of your sight. Your IT team should regularly monitor your IT infrastructure. This will help your IT team in finding challenges before they actually happen. If your IT team knows about your IT challenges, then they can quickly solve them.

The most common problem with IT infrastructure is that they don’t grow with time. Your organization is always growing in size. However, organizations are still not updating their IT infrastructure. You will face various problems when your business will grow and you will need new technology for doing your work. Make sure that you are thinking about your future IT growth. You should continuously update your IT.

This is not possible if you have a small business. Thus, you should consider getting help in this case. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in solving your IT problems. They will help you in creating an IT roadmap for your business.

  1. Passwords

Most companies already know that they have to avoid obvious dictionary passwords. However, still, most employees are ignoring this advice. The NHS became a victim of a cyber attack due to weak passwords. They were using weak passwords for accessing the database.

If you are using weak passwords, then your entire business will be at risk. Attackers have now access to brute force software that they can use for cracking your passwords. They can decode your passwords in few seconds if you are using a weak password. If you are using a password like “123456”, then even a kid can guess your password.

Make sure that you are reviewing your employee’s passwords. Your employees should use longer passwords for protecting their accounts.

You can use password managers for solving this problem. There are various password managers available in the market. They will help your employees in generating unique and complex passwords for every online service. This will ensure that your employees don’t need to worry about learning complex passwords. Your employees can directly check the passwords from these apps.

  1. Data backup

If your business lost a lot of data, then it will definitely affect your business processes. According to a report from Gartner, more than 43% of organizations go bankrupt after losing their important data. It is very difficult to recover your business from a major data loss.

You should ensure that you are regularly backing up your data. However, most companies think that they have to only backup their data. They never stress test their backup processes. You should also test your backup processes. This will ensure that your backup processes are actually working properly. Make sure that you are backing up your data at the right data. The data that is important for your business is going to change with time. It can also grow with time. Thus, make sure that you are properly backing up your data.

Your data backups can save your business in a critical situation. It is very important for the survival of your organization. You should work with a good MSP if you want to secure your data backup. Bleuwire can help you in creating a data backup plan.

  1. Bring your own device

BYOD simply means that you will allow your employees to use their own personal devices for doing your work. This is a great strategy to increase your employee’s productivity. It will also help you in saving a lot of money. However, these devices also come with their own issues. Your employees can sometimes lose their devices.

You should ensure that you are using data encryption for protecting your data. Remote wiping will help you in protecting your data if your device gets stolen. A good BYOD policy will educate your employees on device expectations. It will help you in monitoring your documents and email that your employees are downloading.

  1. Compliance

Many businesses are facing penalties from GDPR because their employees are ignoring the security policies. According to a report from Sharp, more than 8% of office workers have access to some confidential data that they don’t need for doing their work. More than 24% of employees are storing work information in their personal devices or public cloud.

You can solve this issue by running regular compliance audits. This will help your business in taking corrective steps before you face any compliance issues. It is very important to ensure that your employees are following your security strategy. This will help you in protecting your business from compliance issues.


IT resources are always running in the background. Sometimes these IT resources can create risks for your business. Thus, it is important to ensure that you are dealing with these risks properly. IT is very important for your business and it can help you can in succeeding. Most companies are spending a lot of time and resources on managing their IT. If you have a small IT team, then you should consider working with a good MSP. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in solving all these IT problems. They will make sure that you don’t need to worry about any IT problems. Bleuwire will also help you in solving the IT compliance issues. You can work with them for improving your IT. If you need more information regarding IT services, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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