5 Ways Facebook Tracks Your User Behavior


The fact is that Zuckerberg could not answer all questions directly and promised a comprehensive answer document. This is now available for a few days and is 500 pages thick. The answers are not really surprising; they only depict once again where and how Facebook tracks and evaluates its users.

  1. Facebook Pixel | Anyone who has ever switched to advertising on Facebook knows it: the Facebook Pixel, also as a tag. Those who have not switched to advertising yet must have certainly heard of it once before. The pixel allows Facebook to track what a user is doing after clicking on an ad. This is very interesting for advertisers because it allows them to evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. The user does not notice what happens in the background, but a lot of data and insight is unknowingly being provided to the advertiser. The behavior of the pixel becomes comprehensible and predictable and can be used effectively for remarketing purpose. To defend, Facebook said that many companies use such pixels.
  2. Facebook analyzes your mouse movements | The company analyzes your behavior as you surf the platform. Thereby, different things are checked. Facebook examines whether you are active on Facebook or have it only in the background. When you actively use it, your mouse movements, among other things, are analyzed. From these, the company can conclude whether you are a human or a bot.
  3. Facebook knows your purchases | Facebook knows your buying habits, even if you logged out and did not come on a Facebook ad on the purchase page. The same applies to games you play in your browser. This point is at least unusual, if not really surprising. It’s no coincidence that you always get advertising from the products you’ve seen online before.
  4. Facebook has access to your address book and your calls | Do not worry, this statement is not general (at least as far as known). It only applies to people who have synced one of their devices with Facebook. This gives Facebook access to the address book. Of course, just to suggest even more friends. With this access, Facebook has at least Android users but at the same time access to the call directory.
  5. Facebook knows your device and your network | If you use Facebook, the company will analyze which device you are using for it. You store the device, your operating system, your location, your battery status, the names of the apps, plugins and services you have installed, and your wifi strength. Through your network, you can also discover other connected devices and gather information about them.

After all, Facebook has at the same time stated in writing that neither microphone nor camera of the device used are used illegally by the platform.

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