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5 Ways to Decide When to Outsource IT Tasks

By April 12, 2019No Comments6 min read
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Outsourcing in business is a practice where a company hires another associate firm or an individual to perform a task, handle operations and provide services that were previously done by the employees of the parent company.

The company that takes the job to provide the services to the parent firm is known as a third-party provider. The corporate world is always in a hurry as various businesses try to keep their operations actively running without any lags.

Outsourcing provides such solutions that meet the deadline which keeps the company relevant in the business market. It is a common practice which has been in the market for a long time, but the growing use of the internet has made the process of outsourcing easier than what it was previously.

How are Outsourcing IT tasks helpful to a company?

The process of IT outsourcing has gained momentum in recent years. It is an excellent way for a small business or a startup to grow in their field without spending too much money on IT specialists.  Moreover, they can focus on the primary responsibilities of the business, such as sales, customer service, and their employees.

When a task is outsourced to a third-party, the group typically focuses on the service they were meant to provide which makes the work faster, less expensive and increases efficiency. For most companies and businesses, the IT sector is an essential part of any business. In those cases, outsourcing is a great way to cut expenses, and increase the savings that you could instead use in other fields.

What are the different types of IT outsourcing?

The different types of IT outsourcing include

  • Moving businesses: If you’re moving your business overseas, IT outsourcing is an excellent way to take advantage of lower costs and favorable conditions.
  • Nearshoring: when you are moving your business to a country near your home country, IT outsourcing is a good idea.
  • Homeshoring: allowing employees to work from home rather than an established office place.

Most of the IT jobs and applications such as software development, web development, technical support, database management application management, database development, infrastructure, etc. are outsources to various firms who have special expertise in the concerned field.

There is a long list of advantages of outsourcing IT tasks to a company. IT outsourcing can bring tremendous growth in the business, speeding up the task without a massive cost, which makes cost-saving a significant benefit. It reduces the risk management for the company and increases the level of efficiency of the organization in general.

Various websites provide this kind of third-party service that is known to furnish best IT outsourcing vendors available to hire. The outsourcing of IT provides the advantage of using advanced technology from overseas when the third-party provider is based on foreign countries. It is not rocket science how expensive technology is these days. One wrong decision, and there goes all the plans, and the money you spend on a project. When one decides to outsource IT tasks, it reduces the risk of data loss and minimizes wrong decisions. It also provides flexibility for the companies to scale up or down quickly as per their needs.

5 Ways to Decide When to Outsource IT Tasks?

While the advantages of Outsourcing IT tasks in business is clear, so how do you know when to outsource IT tasks of your company?

Here are five situations where you can consider the process.

  1. Cost-effectiveness:

If you notice that the cost of your IT services goes beyond the budget, you should probably settle for outsourcing. That way, your company will not stay behind in the competition, but also you will get the same or in fact the better amount of service at a low cost. Also outsourcing IT tasks means the service provider uses the advanced and latest technologies.

  1. Focus on core business:

Is your business falling behind because you are too invested in solving different problems in the IT department? You need to reconsider your decision if they do something for you that outsourcing cannot. Because spending too much time with computer techs, isn’t likely to give you a competitive advantage, as it also hinders the primary purpose of the business.

  1. Streamline Process:

The right time to outsource IT task is when there are lesser errors and delays within the department, this makes it easier for the third-party to work faster and provide you results on time. It reduces the risk of disruption from downtime and provides the third-party working hour flexibility.

  1. Moving your business overseas:

When you are planning on moving your business overseas, or even when you need people working for you around the clock, outsourcing IT at this point is the best idea. You don’t have to keep a team who is ready to work in shifts, or you don’t have to send an IT team overseas just to keep a track of the operations. Maintaining a team costs a lot more than what outsourcing would.

  1. Projectbased with specialized skill:

When you are looking for someone who can do your project and has the specialized skill for it, outsourcing IT tasks is the best and most convenient way to process in these cases. If you need someone to look after your project for, say, six months, there is no reason for hiring someone on a permanent basis. So outsourcing IT tasks is the best option.

If you want to grow your business, then establishing a reliable IT support is necessary. Unless you are a big MNC, then you do not necessarily need to have an IT team in your company. Outsourcing IT services have been gaining popularity at a tremendous rate ever since the internet came into play as it is one of the best ways to grow your business. Outsourcing helps to free up the company’s resources that you can invest in other fields instead of the IT department.

This practice also provides access to skilled expertise without having to hire them, improves services as they run business 24/7 with the option of offshore outsourcing, with time zone advantage. They also give your business a competitive edge yet cut cost and save more. Because of these and many other reasons, small business and startups are opting for outsourcing IT tasks and growing rapidly with today’s economic scenario.

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