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6 Things You Can Do If Your Laptop Won’t Turn On

By June 29, 2019No Comments

The world is developing and adapting new advancements in technology every day. The evolving technology has become a vital part of our lives (but in a cool way). Most of the tasks have become a piece of cake with the help of electronic technological devices. But as there is a saying “no one is perfect” and this definitely applies to our machines and electronic devices.

Laptops have become very prevalent nowadays. Most of us own a laptop as they are portable and easy to work with.

But one fine day when you press the power button, and you are gobsmacked when it doesn’t turn on, what will you do?

Firstly, don’t panic and secondly, try to think about the possibilities or reasons that might block the startup process of your laptop.

You may face many problems, and errors with your laptop and one such commonly occurring issue is the laptop failing to turn on, but don’t worry and think it’s the ultimate death of your laptop! There are much more technological hiccups that are much more harmful and irritating than the inability of the laptop to turn on.

There could be several viable possibilities that can prevent your laptop from turning on. Here are certain probabilities that can come in between when you try to turn your laptop on and their solutions;

Inspect the battery and power supply

The causes may include:

  • When the charging of your laptop is exhausted or very low, then it might not turn on. Make sure that you charge your laptop accordingly as per the requirement (don’t overcharge it.)
  • If the problem with the laptop “turning on” continues, check the power supply, if there is are any disruptions, stoppage or insufficient voltage, then the laptop may not turn on, and for this problem, you need to remove the charger and check whether it’s the correct charger or not, as using random chargers will affect the charging of your laptop.
  • Check the pin and cable wires of the charger for any defects or damage.
  • And, when the problem continues, remove the battery of your laptop (only if your laptop allows you to remove the battery, as some laptops don’t allow access to battery removal.)
  • Check the battery for any faults or injuries externally.
  • Connect your laptop to the outlet without the battery, and if the laptop turns on, it means that there must be some issue with the battery of the laptop.
  • You can use your laptop without the battery, but you need to connect the laptop to the outlet power supply for the functioning of the laptop.

Free up your laptop from external devices

If your laptop is connected to a pen drive, USB, memory card, DVD or you left any one of these devices connected to the device, then these additional accessories might affect your laptop and could be a reason behind why your laptop won’t turn on.

Remove all these types of accessory devices and try to turn your laptop on.

Go for a rescue disk

Rescue disk includes antivirus or other scanning tools or any other malware protection software because in the majority the malfunctioning of laptop or any other devices is due to virus or malware corrupting the software in the system. Sometimes the malware or virus interrupts with the functioning of the system that might cause serious system failures. To rescue your laptop in advance from a sudden shutdown and related problems can be offended with rescue disc.

Check for any previous warnings

We usually neglect any simple warnings about the software’s or applications as we don’t consider them important, but they can cause some serious damage to your laptop. When your laptop doesn’t power up, you must go down the lane of your memory and recap all the warnings that you have come across earlier, that will help you in troubleshooting and will guide you to the right direction to the solution.

Turn it on after sometime

Overheating can also be considered as a reason for startup errors as the extreme heating of the hardware affects the delicate parts which will directly cause malfunctioning of the system.

Turn on your laptop after sometime after cooling of the body of the laptop. The inbuilt applications will fix any software errors and will boot up process. Give time to your laptop to cool and let it rest for a certain period of time. This process is only for troubleshooting, and if it doesn’t turn on even after some time, don’t just leave your laptop for a long time without any proper diagnosis.

Hardware errors

Hardware errors can cause serious damage if left unattended. Check whether your hardware is old or broken because the damaged hardware can cause various system failures.

While checking the computer hardware components, you must also check whether your software is updated or is an old version, because sometimes the updated software’s or changed software’s may not co-operate with the hardware functioning.

If your hardware is in bad condition, the better option is to replace that particular hardware and get a brand new one. And when the hardware is new but still has some errors in Turing on, go for professional laptop repair.

Hardware is an important part of your laptop, so don’t neglect it.

You may also check the wiring of your laptop, because improper wiring may cause connection errors which in turn will affect the turning on of your laptop.

Check for external features for any defect such as the laptop power on button. The laptop might not turn on if your laptops’ power button is stuck or damaged. After pressing the power button, and the laptop is still off, then press the button for a little longer time to enable the laptop switch on.

If you still cannot diagnose the problem of why your laptop is not switching on, then you should to take it to the service center and get it fixed by a professional.

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