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Amazon Will Improve Cloud Efficiency by Using ARM-Based Processor

By July 27, 2019No Comments6 min read

In order to stay competitive, multinational business firms must always look to evolve and upgrade in order to stay relevant in the competitive market. Amazon is said to implement the usage of ARM-Based Processors for the improvement of its cloud efficiency and all of its cloud-based computing services. According to the Engineers at Amazon, they say that by the implementation of the new ARM-based processor, the cost savings for the “scale-out” services will be up by 45%. 

About, Inc. is one of the largest multinational tech companies, situated in Seattle, Washington DC which primarily focuses on e-Commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, etc. It is one of the top four tech giants of the world along with Google, Apple, and Facebook. Founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5th, 1994, it was initially an e-Commerce platform for selling books and then it slowly expanded as time went by. It is now the #1 company of the world making Jeff Bezos, the world’s wealthiest man. It also provides home appliances along with its other services.

Specialty of is the world’s largest e-commerce site, where you can buy almost anything from anywhere. Some of the types of items that can be bought using include,

  • Mobiles and Appliances
  • TV Subscriptions (Amazon Prime)
  • Smart Home Appliances and other accessories (Amazon TV, Amazon Firestick, Amazon Echo), etc…
  • Online Streaming (Amazon Prime)
  • Music Streaming (Amazon Music)
  • Books (Amazon Kindle)

And many more… was backed up by Amazon Web Services (AWS) which acts as the cloud computing platform for the company, making billions every year. The AWS used an Intel Processor initially called Intel Xeon E5-2666 v3, which is based on the chipmaker’s Haswell Architecture and built using the 22-nanometre process technology, which is the smallest technology yet. And now with the introduction of the ARM processor, which is built using 19nm technology, it is officially the smallest technology now.

About the improvement of performance 

Amazon announced in 2018 that it will start using the ARM-based processor to enhance its overall cloud computing efficiency that enables the company to work on petabytes of data with more ease. Since the last processor it used had its shortcomings like slower data processing speeds, Amazon had no other choice other than upgrading its processors. This would help AWS also known as Amazon Web Services, the key reason behind the company’s 27-billion-dollar worth business. Through this processor, the AWS provides cloud computing services to various individuals, business firms, and government offices on a special paid subscription system.

Why the new processor?

The main reason that, Inc., had to go for the new processor is because of the fact that the old processor was not enough to run scale-out services on the company’s systems. By changing the processor, had to essentially change the entire technology that makes up the cloud services that Amazon uses. Another of the primary reasons to switch to the new processor is the fact that the new processor is really cheaper when compared to the old processor. If deployed, then this processor-run system will give the required test results the company needs and gives the advantage based on performance-per-dollar.

What’s new about this processor?

By using this processor, the systems can help, Inc. with all of their workloads. This means that the systems can work with petabytes of data without getting worked up or with maximum smoothness. Because of this, the users of these services can effectively divide and share the load among various other smaller aspects which includes web servers, caching fleets, development environments, etc. 

Advantages of using the ARM Graviton

Before the launch, the ARM Graviton was tested on multiple occasions. Each time, the engineers at AWS discovered a new set of abilities that would benefit the AWS Cloud Computing Service. Some of them include,

  • The ARM-Based Processor, Graviton is twice faster when compared with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ on Linux 4.14 platform
  • The ARM Graviton holds good when put in the benchmark test like the “Phoronix Test Suite”
  • When compared with a single processor, The ARM Graviton is as fast as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

These are some of the technological advantages the ARM Graviton has over these other processors. Some of the real world and more practical advantages are,

  • It runs on very less power making it economic when it comes to power consumption
  • It does not emit any sort of radiation when it is running making it completely inert to nature.
  • This processor can run multiple workloads at a time.

Advantages for Amazon

In addition to all those advantages of using the processor, also has its own set of advantages too. Since being an independent processor unlike the other processors used before, Amazon will now possess the unique ability to issue blueprints with the help of Annapurna. Moreover, the company is also permissible to modify and twist the designs and now the capability of collaborating with manufacturers such as TSM and other foundations to gain competitive chips designed and made accordingly.

About the upgrades to Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence

In addition to the introduction of the new update for the ARM-based processor, Amazon Web Services are in charge of building a fully customized Application – Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) for the Amazon AI, which is now known as, Inferentia. With the help of this Application – Specific Integrated Circuit, hundreds and thousands of operations can be scaled and tracked down within a matter of a few seconds. In turn, it also reduces the overall cost of providing cloud-based facilities. Thus, it is cost-effective in nature as well. 

To conclude, by using this processor, Amazon Web Services can easily replace the old Intel Xeon processor and still increase the efficiency of Cloud Computing at a highly considerable rate. Also, this processor can be used to the limit by giving it petabytes of data to work on and yet it shows amazing results without breaking down. This makes the ARM Graviton processor the best processor up to date.

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