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An Introduction to Quantum Computer Technology

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The wider aspects of Technology involves computers. Computer technology is considered as a vast field of complexes that combines to lead new inventions. Every invention requires computer sources to get completed.

These days life feels incomplete or get paused in the absence of Computer or its related Technology. Everything is now computer-based as the digital world is the new trend in society.

Every time Computer technologies are proved to be effective as they appear accurate and their functioning is smooth if designed properly. The computer designing to form Computer technology requires high definition coding. Any error in the coding process may lead to the program being non-functional or unprocessed.

One of such aspect aiming to wider Computer technology is Quantum Computer technology.

What is Quantum Computer technology?

Quantum Computer technology basically as the name suggests is a technology that works on the principle of Quantum Mechanics by using Quantum subatomic particles in order to solve higher or Complex mathematical problems or equations.

Before understanding much about Quantum Computer technology first one should know about the terms ‘Quantum Mechanics’ and ‘Quantum subatomic particles.’ Both these terms are closely related as one involves the study of another.

Quantum mechanics can be defined as a branch of Physics dealing with smallest indivisible particles like electron, proton, neutrons, etc as these particles are referred to as building blocks of atoms. These smallest indivisible particles belong to the category of Quantum subatomic particles.

Quantum Computer technology basically involves using these subatomic particles having properties referred to as superpowers that are manipulated in a coded form for solving mathematical equations or problems.

  • Superposition

Subatomic particles have the property of dual behavior. They can show both wave and particle nature simultaneously.

  • Quantum Tunnelling

The subatomic particles can pass through any barrier.

  • Entanglement

Subatomic particles have the power to represent dual presence, in which one affected affects the other.

Quantum Computer technology basically involves using these superpowers for performing mathematical solutions or problems which the classical computers cannot perform or even if it performs the results are not that accurate.

Components of Quantum Computer Technology

Quantum Computer technology involves a Quantum computer that is basically composed of three parts.

  • Quantum memory

The unit of quantum memory is called as Qubit. The quantum memory is responsible for holding the current state of quantum computers. The quantum computers like any classical computers accept input as 0 and 1 that ultimately defines the performing functionality or equation of quantum computers.

  • Processor

The role of the processor in quantum computers is the same as that of classical computers. It is responsible for performing operations of Elementary nature on the machine. The processor of quantum computers is responsible for carrying out unitary functions including all the functions like functions associated with register and also Quantum functions with an ultimate aim to produce the output required as per the fed input.

  • Input-Output system

The input-output system consists of all the hardware and software components associated with quantum computers. It helps in inputting the data or mathematical equations in order to obtain the correct answer through output system.

How does Quantum Computer technology work?

As already mentioned Quantum Computer technology working is based on the principle of quantum physics that includes Quantum subatomic particles. Through the use of the principle of quantum physics, the computing potentiality of computer increases as compared to the normal classical computers.

Normal computers work by storing information in the form of 0 or 1, referred to as binary numbers or bits, in the transistors. These transistors change according to the Boolean logic and then altering the stored bits to perform the mathematical operation.

Quantum computer works almost the same as a normal computer with a few modifications. Apart from storing information in 1 or 0 formats, it also stores information in a dual state. It stores the information as a quantum superposition of two State, thereby adding more flexibility to the computing calculations covering all harder or Complex mathematical operations. This way it helps in solving higher mathematical equations involving exponents or fractions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Quantum Computer Technology

Pros never come without cons. Therefore Quantum computer technology also offers advantages as well as disadvantages.

Advantages of Quantum Computer technology

  • One of the best advantages of Quantum Computer technology is that they are responsible for performing any problem or task faster as compared to the normal classical computers. The conversion of atoms used as a source of input is faster in quantum computers.
  • The Qubit unit of quantum computers are capable of performing exponential problems at a higher rate and therefore a large number of exponential calculations can be handled by quantum computers.
  • All the algorithm calculations relating to classical computers are performed with more flexibility in quantum computers and thereby results obtained are accurate.

Disadvantages of Quantum Computer Technology

  • The source required for the formation of a quantum computer is not available easily at present due to the loss of electron as soon as it is produced due to Environmental effects. Therefore less source is available for enhancing Quantum Computer technology.
  • The research relating to Quantum Computer technology is very vast and is still in progress. So one can’t trust it completely as it may give altered results if used without proper completion of its program designing.


Quantum Computer technology is a very nice initiative in the field of Technology. The use of Quantum computer technology to explain the computer functioning can be considered as one of the best combinations for obtaining the best results. With more emphasis on eliminating the disadvantages relating to Quantum Computer technology, this technology can be proved to be the best with much better results.

The various advantages offered by quantum computers can lead to huge beneficial changes in the field of Computer technology. One can design quantum computers by focusing on the source of quantum subatomic particles and protecting it from getting destroyed due to environment-related effects. The properties of subatomic particles if properly manipulated can modify the technological field as these particles are faster as light and can create faster outputs through the output system of the quantum computers as per the fed input.

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