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Apple Repair: What You Need To Know

By July 7, 2019No Comments

Apple has been the benchmark not only for mobile phones but also for laptops and PCs. They provide the best quality and experience to their customers. Their mobiles and laptops are simple in design and can perform better in comparison to their rivals. Apple, at most times, releases new features before its rivals.

Another reason for them being popular is due to their customer services. Most people who buy Apple products are new to their devices. They produce mobile phones which are easy to use and is based on how people want to use technology. Finding a perfect solution can create complexity and can raise questions. Due to the correct and precise information provided by the salesperson, people feel convenient to depend on this company.

While launching new phones, they always remain a step ahead of their rivals. Every time they launch a new phone, they add new features to it. These features intrigue the customer to buy and use it. Like the iPhone X, which is water resistant, a popular feature in the mobile phone industry is. Another key-feature is security. Apple has managed to remain ahead in terms of security.

Apple phones are difficult to hack. The hackers find it difficult to crack through the security provided by Apple. Though fingerprint reader, voice recognition, and facial recognition added a layer of security, there are also other facilities, which ensure that the iPhone will be useless if it is lost, like the Activation Lock. Phones can be wiped to erase any trace of the owner and can be reused. But with Activation Lock, a person has to login into apple account to wipe out the phone. And only the owner knows about it.

Also, the lost mode enables the customer to make the phone useless for the thieves. It can be controlled remotely. When the lost mode is enabled, it locks down the phone and keeps the data within it safe. It also suspends all the credit card details.

All these facilities are only provided by Apple. These unique additional features make it popular. Even after all these technologies and a step ahead of hackers and rivals, it is still an electronic device. Eventually, it will show some problems or get damaged due to other reasons.

There are a few things you should know before approaching the Apple repair. Below are the things you need to know about Apple repair.

Apple service centers

Always take your apple product to the authorized Service Providers. Every phone has a different internal structure. Servicing anywhere except authorized center may damage your device.

It can be only handled by persons who are familiar with it. Technicians present in these centers are trained to handle all Apple store products. They also provide genuine parts needed for repairs. A precise procedure is followed to ensure that the product is good as new.

Screen repair

Screens are the most vulnerable part of any device. It is the only part without any protection. Getting a screen crack is normal, but it can create problems while doing work or watching a movie on the devices. Apple service centers provide genuine parts and use the precise equipment to make sure that the screen works as new.

Some apple service centers also provide same day service. Here you do not have to wait days for your Apple device to be repaired. The technicians will repair it on the same day. It mainly includes screen replacement.

Battery replacement

Apple repair will replace the battery if it fails within the warranty period. But they will not replace if the rechargeable batteries are damaged due to regular or overuse of the device. It also won’t replace, if it is caused due to reasons other than a manufacturing defect.

Apple repairs all kinds of defects other than accidental repairs free of cost. It also includes Home button, liquid damage, or accessory damages. Accidental damages are repaired after payment. The cost will vary according to the damages done to the devices.

Know your product warranty

The product warranty covers all your devices related problems and accessories that are manufacturing defects. As said earlier, it does not cover any accidental damages. Warranty for any product is valid till one year from the date of its purchase.

It also does not cover software failure or incompatibilities due to data residing or recorded on the product. It will install upgrades for free of cost, which will make it impossible to retrieve the previous version.

Data transfer

During transferring data from the original device to a replacement device, data may get lost. Apple does not take any responsibility for the lost data. Also, it erases all the data present on the original device irrespective of complete and incomplete transfer of data.

Before doing data transfer, create a backup of your personal and important data on a separate device.  Also, disable any security password involved.

Consumer law

Your country provides some advantages to you on some repair issues.

DIY (Do It yourself) parts

Apple also may send DIY parts to you. These parts come with instruction manuals about their use. You can do the replacement by yourself without visiting the service center.

All the parts can be returned to Apple within 10 days of receiving. If you failed to return the part during this period, then the part is not accepted by Apple.

These are the few things you should know before reaching out to the Apple service centers. Especially things that are included in your product warranty. Not knowing what your warranty holds may put you in a difficult situation. It is best to read the terms and conditions completely and knows about the consumer law provided in your country.

Apple is considered to be luxury items, due to its level of quality and security. They also have a professional approach to issues faced by their customers. They can make customer rely on them and provide the precise information needed. No wonder they still hold the top position in the electronic devices.

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