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Are You Making Backups of Your Website?

By May 6, 2019No Comments5 min read

Most of the people tend to make a backup of all the files on their system on a hard drive. Even on mobile phones, backups are either done automatically or manually as per the requirements of the user. This is done to prevent loss of one’s data in case any mishap occurs. But do you do the same for the websites which you have been running? If not, this might lead to such damages which might take years of recovery. Imagine that you wake up only to see that your years of hard work is gone in the blink of an eye.

If you have a website, you MUST keep creating a backup of the same. Because no one knows what may cause loss of entire data on the website that have taken years of hard work and efforts to be built. The world of Internet is dangerous. There can be many reasons for the loss of your valuable content. Your system might get damaged or might even be attacked by hackers. But if you are smart enough to be aware and cautious of these damages, you would never leave any content on the website without a proper backup.

What does a Website Backup Mean?

If we talk in simple terms, a website backup helps to create a copy of all your website data. It is important to have all your data backed up and not just a portion of it. A website backup has a similar role to play as compared to what message of file backups do. Backing up your website becomes all the way more important for small bloggers, entrepreneurs, content writers, etc. as all the efforts are solely made by them to build their website from scratch. Loss of a website may cause them to start all over again from scratch, which is not easy at all.

How often should you create a Backup of Your Website?

It all depends on how often you update your website. Suppose you post only one or two content on your website, you can create a weekly backup. On the other hand, if you update your website daily, you must go for a daily backup. It should be kept in mind that creating a backup monthly or yearly will do you no good as you will lose a lot of data if any mishap occurs in between.

Importance of having a Website Backup

You would not even want to imagine what it feels like to lose all your data and you have no option but to rebuild everything again. Besides that, you will have to configure each and every setting again. Therefore, it is far better to have a backup from which you can restore all your data whenever you need it.

Below are the reasons why website backup is so important:

  • Loss of Work:

As mentioned above, building a website is not a day’s task. It takes a lot of energy, efforts, time and money to build a website of value. And losing everything at once is a painful event.

Not only the content, but all the settings and customizations which you had done for your website may also be gone once and for all in the absence of a backup. You will, and then have to recreate everything. It could be a costly affair if you hire someone to do the same for you.

  • Loss of Revenue:

You might end up incurring more losses if your website is generating revenue on a regular basis. Suppose you have a website that sells shoes. If your website crashes, not only all the information will be lost, but it will also result in loss of revenue till the time of recovery and this recovery may take a very long time.

  • Loss of Time:

Obviously, time is the key factor in the growth of any business. Same is the case with websites. No one wants to spend time rebuilding what he had already built. The time should rather be spent on planning how to carry on the day to day activities of the website and increase its reach. Website backup prevents you from all the hassles of rebuilding your website.

How to Backup Your Website?

  1. Manually

You can backup your files manually by picking files one by one and dropping them to your backup drives. However, this method has many disadvantages.

Few of them are listed below:

  • You will have to remember all the files and folders that you need to back up. Any missing file can lead to the crashing of your website.
  • It is a very time taking process.
  • You will have to keep an eye on the backups to ensure that the backup is completed properly.
  • You might forget to create a backup of your website. 
  1. Online Backups

Online Backups are far easier when compared to manual backups. When you opt for an online website backup service, you do not have to worry about copying all the files and folders. This is done automatically on your behalf.

Moreover, you can back up the entire website and not small files and folders. Online backup also ensures that all the files and folders are properly backed up and no file is left out.  Online Backup is a seamless task as all the work is done in the background. This gives us additional time to work on the growth of our website.

There are many options that provide you with a website backup option. It, therefore, becomes difficult to choose one which best suits our needs. Here are some tips for you on how to keep your website safe:

  • Choose a service that bests suits your budget and saves your time as well. It is suggested to go for reputed service providers.
  • You need to keep checking your backups daily. Even after you have selected online backup service, there might be cases where the backup service might stop without you having any knowledge. It is advisable to keep a check to ensure the utmost safety.

So, it is always advisable to back up your data and information of your website. It takes years to build a good reputation in the market, and if your website crashes or the data is lost, then your efforts of so many years go to waste.

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