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Are You Running Low on Space on Your Mac? Here’s How to Clear Unnecessary Data

By June 14, 2019No Comments5 min read

We are living in a society where you are surrounded by gadgets everywhere. We use gadgets to listen to music, store photos, data, etc. But what happens when you are running low on your Mac? You need not worry as there are few methods by which you can clear the unnecessary data.

Methods of keeping your Mac memory free

  • External Hard disks–

They are amazing devices to store all your extra and unwanted data. They are reliable and durable, but due to its costs, many of us cannot afford it. People who have the habit of clicking too many pictures and saving it to their Mac can obviously run out of space very easily and will require one of the external Hard Disks.

  • Mac Paws CleanMyMac X –

If you can afford a price for $35 then this is the best thing to clear the unnecessary data from your Mac. This thing can literally help you in identifying and removing that unnecessary data. It can also boost the performance of your Mac and can protect it from malware. It will also keep your apps up to date.

  • Apple hid storage management –

You can also create a shortcut to use this app. It indicates how much space has been used and by which application. So this makes it easier for you to analyze the data and delete the unwanted application.

The Mac has been the most popular amongst the laptops because of being reliable and user-friendly. Which is why it is easier to install a lot of application in Mac but due to which we always run low on space. But it does need to be cleaned from time to time to work properly. Sometimes it happens that while you are using the internet, some applications update themselves or maybe some junk is left in it. To solve these remember some point’s like-

  1. Delete the files and applications which you do not require anymore. Search them manually and delete the unnecessary data.
  2. Clear your trash bin also. This will make your Mac work faster and smoother. Do not use it for saving your files from temporary purpose.
  3. Delete or archive all the old files to clear more space.
  4. Try to delete the unwanted stuff regularly so that the trash does not get collected because then it becomes a complex process to work on.

The best way to clear the files is manually

  • For the first step, all you need to do is go on the apple startup menu.
  • Look for the search option there, so that you can search the required stuff.
  • Type %temp% and click on the enter button.
  • the folder which has temp file in them will open in your Mac
  • now all you have to do is select all those files and delete them
  • All deleted files will move to trash, and now you have to delete the unnecessary data from the trash.

While selecting the files to delete, make sure to select the ones which are of no use. Sometimes, accidentally we tend to delete few important data along with the unwanted ones. For this reason, we need to be careful while deleting any data or files. To avoid the problem of deleting unnecessary data, you can go install software which can detect outdated application and duplicate pictures and videos.

To clear the data with the help of software, you can choose software like Remo

  1. Download and install Remo in your Mac and launch it. After launching the software, select the optimizing option.
  2. For clearing cache in Mac select privacy cleaner option from the next page.
  3. Select the data which you want to delete and the files which are not important. After selecting click on the clean button.

According to the steps mentioned above, it is an easy process to delete unnecessary data. The difficult thing is to sort the required data and not delete it, which is why most of the people want to do it manually as you can check which file is to be deleted and which is to be not. Secondly, purchasing such software to clear data is quite expensive. The IOS products have always had their reputation in the market for the latest technology, user-friendly services, and for its reliability. But they are also the products which cost a lot of money and everyone cannot afford it, so even the software’s for the working of your Mac is expensive.

All you need to do is check the files you create every day and deleted the outdated ones which aren’t necessary for you. But still, if you face any problem, the customer care services are always available for you. They can solve your every problem, or you can also contact the store from which you bought it. But if you follow the given steps properly, then you will not face any problem in deleting unwanted files.

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