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Artificial Intelligence Hardware – Who Should Adopt it First, and Why?

By August 4, 2019October 14th, 2022No Comments6 min read

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the next generation’s technology. It is a bundle of concepts and technologies, which can be used in every industry. Many people use AI for different purposes. Some use it for automated cars, some for robotics, and some for machine learning. In simple words, Artificial Intelligence is a technique through which computers can copy human behavior without human interference.

 What is the need for Artificial Intelligence?

AI is an important part of automation and optimization. It can provide insights about a company’s data, which is hard for any human to notice. It provides companies with patterns that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. These systems are powered by machine learning.

They also save a lot of time and provide precision work. They also are good at solving problems through logical deduction. There are also many other things related to artificial intelligence which can be used in optimizing the work in different industries. Like they can be used in hospitals to provide precise data on a patient.

What is Artificial Intelligence Hardware?

AI is a program written by programmers. Every program requires hardware to run. The better the hardware, the smoother and more precise the program will perform. Artificial Intelligence Hardware is hardware that is used to accelerate Artificial Intelligence.

There are three parts to the hardware infrastructure. These parts are compute, store, and networking. While the computation has developed during the past few years, the other two parts are lagging. Many companies are putting a lot of effort into developing the storage and networking part of the hardware infrastructure.

At the meantime, companies are promoting the use of deep learning. Also, the distributed computing infrastructure, which allows AI to work on multiple devices, is still developing.

What is deep learning?

Artificial Intelligence often does tasks that require human intelligence. Fundamentally they are machines that need human interference to execute any task. But deep learning is a technique that allows the AI to learn by them.

They are put in the same repeated situation, which is tweaked slightly to change the outcome. In this technique, algorithms are inspired by the human brain, and the machine learns from a large amount of data provided to them. It helps the system to solve complex problems.

What is Neural Networks in AI?

An artificial neural network is a system of hardware and software, like the human neural system.  A lot of processors work together to build this neural network of artificial intelligence. Commercial uses include pattern recognition and highly sophisticated signal processing. It also uses a variety of deep-learning techniques. 

What is computer vision in AI?

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence need a lot of data to learn on their own. These data can be either provided by humans or obtained by AI itself. Computer vision is a technology through which the computer obtains data through images. This is technology is used when a robot has to move through an uneven environment all by itself. This technology uses multidimensional pictures to help the robot by deciding how to move through any environment.

Who should first adopt artificial intelligence hardware?

Many companies are trying to produce their chipsets for processing deep learning, neural networks, and computer vision. Development in all these segments will help in building an AI which will use less training time. It can produce completely new markets and business models. Companies that should use Artificial Intelligence hardware are banking, financial services, media, healthcare, and retail.

Use in the medical industry

Medicals and pharmaceuticals should be the first ones to use AI hardware.  This industry requires a precise work system to save valuable human lives. Also, AI can spot patterns more quickly than any human analyst.

AI is best for health monitoring providing precise data on the patient’s health. It can provide insights about the patient’s body, which otherwise would be difficult to notice.

Use in financial services

They can be used in financial services. Companies use AI on data obtained from social media to analyze brand sentiments. Other companies use it to conduct autonomous trading with high-frequency trading profits. They are also used as advisors to balance decisions and portfolio management.

Use in data security

Cybercrime is turning into a real threat. Many companies are facing a loss due to data loss. AI can detect threats to the company’s system and can also defend it without the help of humans. It can also reinforce the firewall to make sure that no more viruses or malware can affect the system. Viruses are computer-based programs. It is best to use an artificial system that can improvise with every virus encounter to prevent future security breach.

Use in Manufacturing

AI also has a great role in manufacturing. They can perform precise work with great efficiency, which can be difficult to get through human involvement. They also can perform 24×7 manufacturing, which will bring in more profit for the company. With handmade or hand-run equipment, there is a great chance for the occurrence of errors. But with the involvement of artificial intelligence, errors are unlikely to happen.

Use in marketing

Many companies use AI to collect customer data. These data can help marketers to have a clear strategy about how to approach their targeted customers. It can also help in understanding the marketers and what influences their customers more. They can also provide customers with products that are relevant to their previous searches.

Companies that require precise working, or already using it, require artificial intelligence hardware. AI hardware speeds up the processing of the Artificial Intelligence used by the company. Many Entrepreneurs are using AI for the automation of cars and other daily used appliances. Many are also searching for new applications of AI.

AI is still in the developing stage. Though some of its uses are helpful to people, it has a long way to go until it is completely reliable. There is also a need for development in storage and networking in hardware infrastructure.

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