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AWS, Microsoft, Google and More Respond on Chip Vulnerability Issue

By July 25, 2019No Comments

People are getting innovative and so do their ideas. AWS, Microsoft, Google and many more were initially counted in the category of small start-ups but with increasing time their market value increased which helped these small start-up companies to achieve a huge position in the current scenario. All these companies are responsible for the production of computer software as well as providing cloud spaces that are required for the functioning and storing of information on these electronic devices like computer, laptops, mobile phones and many more.

An electronic device is composed of different components that are assembled or arranged altogether so that a particular system can function adequately. One of the major components of a computer system is the integrated chips.

What is a computer chip and how does it work?

Technically a computer chip can be defined as a small piece of semiconductor mostly made up of silicon that consists of an integrated circuit embedded on it. They are the most essential part of any computer system. The small and stylish desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones that we see and use today all are due to the use of these integrated circuits.

The computer chip consists of many transistors that form the processor of the system. Millions of transistors can be embedded in a single computer chip that deals with memory or storage.

The computer chip consists of transistors and these transistors help in their functioning. Due to the use of transistors an electrical signal is generated that helps in the working of these computer chips. The communication of these chips is totally based on computer language like assembly language.

Hence these computer chips are an important part of any computer system and are meant for complete security as it contains useful information of the computer user.

Security or protecting your computer chips and its various different components are not that easy as it sounds. There are different unwanted programs or software that may affect the vulnerability of these computer integrated chips and its components.

What is chip vulnerability?

Computer chips vulnerability basically involves a failure in the functioning of computer chips in modern devices due to their altered performance.

In simple words, as it is known a computer chip is a high performing Integrated circuit capable of performing various functions of Computer world. From processing of information to complete the action to storing of information or data in the form of memory to computer communication a lot is performed by a single small chip.

But sometimes due to the introduction of an intruder program or software, the functioning of these computer chips are affected. They don’t perform the function as they are designed to accomplish and thereby altering the whole functioning of the computer system. And this effect was then termed as chip vulnerability.

How is the chip affected?

When any malicious program or software attacks on the computer chip it affects the working of these integrated chips by introducing unwanted workload on the chip that distracts the chip from completing its assigned work.

The introduction of these unwanted or malicious program or software affects the integrated computer chip from various prospects.

  • Speed – The malicious program affects the functioning speed of these computer chips by adding unnecessary files and documents to be processed.
  • Communication- These unwanted program or software have the capability of destroying the communication system of the integrated chips.
  • Life- By the introduction of malicious workload the life of these computer chips also get altered and it becomes short.
  • Performance- As the rest factors are altered thereby resulting in decreasing performance of these integrated computer chips.
  • Storage- Introduction of these vulnerable programs may lead to the leakage of one’s personal information stored on the storage clouds of these integrated chips.

Therefore these vulnerability programs or software can affect your Computer programing chip from different sides.

Different response to chip vulnerability

After the public announcement of these vulnerabilities by the Register have led to huge issues in the computer world. After knowing the capability of these vulnerable relating data leakage from a wide range of computer chips have insisted different cloud provider companies deal with it.

Different companies that are involved in computer programming or designing or working as a cloud provider is well aware of this chip vulnerability and have responded to it.

According to the researchers, Meltdown and Spectre are the two chip vulnerabilities suspected in chips designed by Intel, AMD, and ARM. A processor technique is adopted that leads the way to these vulnerable chips. This technique was commonly referred to as Speculative Execution. Speculative execution is a technique that involves performing a task that is not needed.

A blog page clearly focuses on the effect of chip vulnerability and clearly stated that it may affect the cloud providers. These vulnerabilities may affect the cloud storing environment by drawing data or information without any prior permission. The block page mentioned about Amazon and Google being affected the most.


Google reported the chip vulnerability firstly and informed Intel about it. They mentioned that the chip vulnerability is due to the technique of Speculative execution. This technique helps the attacking people to take advantage of allowing them to access the complete information stored in the storage memory that is restricted from the sense of accessing by any outsider. Google also stated that it has updated its cloud services in order to protect itself from the attack of these vulnerable.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services responded in its defense by stating that they are facing issues like these from earlier as well and have already taken measures in terms of updates to protect their software from these malicious attacks.


In context to this Microsoft explains that they were well aware of these issues and are working to develop programs resulting in the security of their customers. Microsoft also mentions about the measures that they have adopted against these chip vulnerabilities. They added that they are taking actions by releasing more security updates as well as adopting deploying or moving action against these malicious attacks to protect their cloud services.


Intel stated that the company is working with others like AMD, ARM, etc. to solve this issue by developing products and committed security software for the protection of their customer’s data or information. Definite software updates are released to remove these exploits. 

The computer integrated chip vulnerability is the biggest issue which needs to be taken in immediate consideration. In order to protect the data or the information or to prevent any unwanted leakage of private information, steps should be taken to get rid of these vulnerable or exploits. Different cloud providers or computer programming software companies like Microsoft, Google, Intel and many more are working in designing software or programs that nullifies the functioning of these vulnerable and thereby protecting the information of their customers.

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