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AWS vs Google Cloud: Which Is Better for Your Business?

By January 8, 2021No Comments
AWS vs Google Cloud

AWS is currently the biggest cloud player in the market. However, you should also look at the Google Cloud Platform before moving your applications to the cloud. In some areas, Google Cloud Platform is better than AWS. Thus, GCP might be perfect for your business.

We have compared the AWS and Google Cloud in this article. It will help you in identifying the weaknesses and strengths of these platforms.

  1. Pricing

Businesses are always looking for ways to save money. Cloud computing has become popular as it is helping companies in saving money. Google is offering comparable cloud solutions to their customers. However, AWS and GCP services are not identical. The price comparison can outdated in the future.

Google is offering lower costs when compared to other cloud platforms. They are offering various discounted programs to their users. Thus, you can save some money by using GCP. You can compare the GCP discount program with AWS on-demand program.

Your price will be reduced if you are using your VMs more. You don’t need to worry about any upfront costs for achieving this discount. Also, you don’t need to reserve any instances.

If you have a large amount of data, then you can save more than 20% of your money by using GCP. The database service price is also very affordable. Google is currently the leader in container services. They are investing heavily in ML and AI technologies.

  1. Features

There are some cost advantages of using Google Cloud. However, there is no point in choosing a cloud platform that can’t offer you reliability and flexibility.

GCP is currently offering more than 95 cloud services. They are going to increase this in the future. Currently, AWS Is offering more than 200 cloud services. Many of these services are important for large organizations. Also, if you have specific cloud environments, then you might need to work with AWS.

Google Cloud is offering all the core services that businesses need. Thus, normal businesses don’t need to worry about advanced services.

Google Cloud is also offering flexibility to their users. AWS is offering limited customization options to its users.

Every AWS service will come with its own predefined instances. These instances will meet most of the business needs. However, if you are using GCP, then you can create your custom VMs.

  1. Reach

GCP beats AWS when it comes to flexibility and price. However, AWS is better when it comes to global reach. They have more data centers in the world when compared to Google. In fact, Amazon has access to the most data centers in the world.

GCP is currently in 35 countries. However, AWS is present in more than 245 countries. Also, AWS is adding new data centers very quickly.

This simply means that AWS is a better choice for residents living outside of Europe and the USA. More regions generally mean that you have greater availability. You will always have access to AWS resources. Also, your servers will always keep running.

AWS can provision your resources more rapidly. Thus, you can increase your resources in seconds. This might not be possible with Google. However, in some of the regions, AWS is offering fewer services. Thus, you should check the services provided by AWS in your region first.

  1. Free Tiers

Both Google Cloud and AWS are offering free tiers to new users. Thus, many new businesses are testing their services. AWS has divided its free package into several categories. You can use some services for 30 days only. Also, they are offering some services for 12 months. Some AWS services are free for a lifetime. Thus, the period will ultimately depend on the service that you want to test.

GCP wants to keep this simple. They are offering free tiers on 24 services and products. However, these tiers have some consumption limits. You can’t exceed these consumption needs. If you need access to more resources, then you can buy their package

Most of the services provided in the free tier package are the same. Google is also offering $300 in credit to their users. You can use this credit on any service you want. This is not a big amount for large enterprises. However, it is enough to test Google Cloud services. You can actually try the cloud services before buying them.

  1. Compute

Google is using KVM for handling their VMs and AWS is using Xen for handling their VMs. Both of them are offering predefined instance configs to their customers. They have a specific amount of network, RAM, and virtual CPU specified.

However, both providers are using different naming conventions. Google is referring to their VMs as machine types. But, Amazon refers to their VMs as instance types.

If you are using AWS, then you can equip instances with up to 3904 GB of ram and 128 vCPUs. Similarly, Google is offering up to 3844 GB of ram and 160 vCPUs. Both are offering similar computing power to the organizations.

The best thing about GCP is that they will allow you to customize these instances. They will load the machines with the predefined configurations. However, you can also customize the instance RAM and CPU resources according to your workload. These are known as custom machines.

AWS is not offering these customization options to its customers. However, they have hundreds of predefined configurations that you can use. You will always find some predefined configuration for your business.

If you still want to customize your instances, then GCP is perfect for you. It will help you in customizing your instances according to your workload.


There is no clear winner between AWS and Google Cloud. AWS is probably the best option for large organizations. If you have some specific cloud requirements, then AWS is perfect for you. It has more global reach when compared to the GCP. However, GCP is offering greater speed and flexibility to its users. Also, they are offering better pricing to their customers. Thus, they are a good option for SMBs. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in finding the best cloud provider for your business. They will also help you in moving your data and application to the cloud. If you need more information regarding cloud migration, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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