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Bleuwire’s Guide for Selecting the Right Office 365 Plan

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Enterprises require a set of productivity tools in this modern work environment which revolves around the basic suite of email, calendar, word processor, and spreadsheet. But as an enterprise grow, so does his demand for advanced tools to compete and stay ahead in the market. With a mobile collaborative platform, Microsoft Office 365 can get your work done anywhere and anytime.

What does Microsoft Office 365 Offer?

Office 365 comes with great tools and services that will boost your business productivity. Its premium business package- Office 365 Business Premium includes the following applications:

PowerPoint: A tool for making elegant presentations. Every board meeting feels empty without a slide show presentation. O365’s PowerPoint allows you to create, display, and broadcast information in the form of basic slides, animation, and video.

Word: A simplified yet advanced word processing software that your enterprise needs to create documents.

Excel: A powerful spreadsheet software for basic data analysis. You can calculate, build graphs, pivot tables, and use Visual Basic programming language for Applications.

Outlook: A one-stop solution for managing emails. Office 365 Outlook offers many solutions for handling emails and generate appointments in the calendar.

OneNote: A productive note-taking cloud app. It is a powerful note-taking application built upon the cloud that makes your notes available on every device you use. It’s your basic productivity cloud app.

Publisher: The Publisher app in Office 365 allows users to publish professional-looking newsletters, brochures, greeting cards, flyers, and booklets.

OneDrive: A fundamental cloud-based storage for saving your videos, documents, and other files. This application is available with each Office 365 Business subscription. Microsoft offers up to 1TB of cloud storage to the users.

Skype for Business: Skype for Business allows organizations to host unlimited online and video conferencing meetings with up to 250 people.

SharePoint: SharePoint allows students, and staff to create collaborative websites that can be used to share files, make blogs, and build workflows.

Exchange: A Business subscription plan includes an Exchange Server, which can handle email management tasks. Every user is granted with 50GB of storage for their emails.

Microsoft Teams: A chat-based app that allows people to share their content and communicate with other team members via chat messages, video, and audio calling.

Power BI: A reliable and powerful business intelligence tool. The Power BI application offers a rich set of tools for collecting, sorting, and presenting business data.

Security: Microsoft provides a reliability guarantee of 99.9% uptime. Office 365 includes a five-layer security model and provides continuous monitoring to secure your sensitive data.

Additional productivity tools: Office 365 includes many collaboration tools—like Delve, Yammer, and Sway for sharing ideas and making striking content.

Select the right tools that you need:

Microsoft Office 365 offers great tools and features. One can get mesmerized easily and add the features that he would hardly use in his work environment. It is highly necessary to analyze the needs of your organization. A small organization may not need advanced Business Intelligence tools. Similarly, an enterprise may require video conferencing and content sharing services like Microsoft Team constantly. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the use of the tools in your business before selecting an Office 365 subscription plan.

Office 365 plans for business:

Office 365 Business Essentials-

Microsoft Essentials provides services that are ideal for a small business. This subscription plan includes the core Microsoft apps – PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook – as well as OneDrive and Skype for Business. This plan comes with a license for 5 phones and 5 tablets only.

In addition to the web versions of essential productivity tools, Microsoft provides SharePoint for team file sharing, Microsoft Teams for instant messaging and Skype for Business for video conferencing. Office 365 Business Essentials is ideal for startups that want to minimize the operational costs in the beginning. With essential tools in the bucket, you can start building amazing things on the go.

Office 365 Business:

This plan features downloadable versions of PowerPoint, Excel, Word, OneNote, Access and Outlook instead of the web-versions. Although it provides access to Outlook, this pack does not include business class emails. It only comes with Microsoft Exchange, a web-based Microsoft program for email. You can install Office on 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets and 5 phones.

With Sway included in this plan, you can create appealing, interactive web-based reports, newsletters, training and more. You also get an access to SharePoint to set up Workflows, which notify the team members when documents are edited.

The Office 365 Business plan is best suited for businesses that are looking for the core Microsoft apps on their desktops. Office 365 Business plan holders get a free version of Microsoft Team which means that it will still lack some additional features. With basic collaborative tools like Teams, Microsoft Kaizala, and OneDrive, Office 365 Business is a basic app-based subscription package.

Office 365 Business Premium:

With this plan, you will get all the features of Essentials and 365 Business blended into a full-featured service. With this subscription plan, you can capture your ideas however you want using a keyboard, pen, or a touchscreen. It offers the full range of web-based services and desktop apps that we have already discussed in the beginning. Organizations with heavy reliance on automated and collaborative tools for business productivity will find this plan ideal.

If you are a newcomer, we recommend you to try the Essentials plan and familiarize yourself with the web-based tools for 2 to 3 months. If you feel that the existing tools are not enough, then you may upgrade your subscription at any time.

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