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Blue Screen of Death: Causes and Fixes

By May 17, 2019April 22nd, 2020No Comments7 min read

Errors are a part of any system as they might occur anytime and anywhere due to any uncertain reason. There are numerous types of errors that can occur in your device. For Windows, the errors such as Blue Screen of Death, Black Screen of Death, Red Screen of Death, etc. are commonly and generally called as “stop errors.” These errors basically occur in the Microsoft Windows system and can result in system crashes.

What is “Blue Screen of Death?”

Well, the title says it all. The Blue Screen of Death or BSOD which is commonly known as Blue Screen or stop screen is an error message that appears on the screen of the Microsoft Windows computer system. Blue Screen of Death occurs due to failure of system, fatal system errors or all together known as system crash during which the windows system can not be used properly and safely.

When the Microsoft Windows operating system faces any fatal error which causes a system crash, the Windows automatically restarts or gives you an option of troubleshooting.

The Blue Screen of Death in Microsoft Windows 10 appears in a white print text message with a sad emotion and troubleshooting QR code.

BSOD history

Blue Screen of Death was first seen in Windows 3.0 and since it had occurred in several other types of Windows operating systems. The user’s data might get lost or deleted in the dump or trash files created by the respective Windows operating system.

Sometimes the lost data can be retrieved from the trash file with the help of certain steps and methods if the data is already saved in the hard-disk, but if it’s not already saved, then your data might get permanently deleted.

Based on the OS version, there are numerous ways or tricks through which the data can be saved and recovered from the minidump file or complete dump file. The dump files can range from minidump file which is of small size that is of 64KB, and it can go till the highest of its range to a complete dump file of the system. Complete dump files have the complete copy of the data of RAM, and from these dump files, one can regain data by debugging the memory dump file with the help kernel debuggers.

To check the memory content and to identify or recognize the source or sole cause of the problem, debuggers can be used.

What causes the blue screen of Death?

Blue Screen of Death can be occurred due to several reasons related to the operating system.

Some of the related and common main reasons or causes for Blue Screen of Death are:

  • Hardware malfunctioning can cause this error
  • Faulty memory
  • Improper written device drives
  • Components getting overheated
  • Hardware crossing the limits of specifications
  • Lack of memory protection
  • Overcrowded memory
  • Errors in the software of the system
  • Not updating the hardware program can cause stop errors
  • Improper installation of any hardware program
  • Hardware changes that you made didn’t register which can cause blue screen
  • Issues regarding power supplies
  • Blue Screen of Death in Windows 9X era can be caused due to bugs or incompatible DLLs in the kernel operating system.

Fixes for Blue Screen of Death

The blue screen of death is caused due to system failure. To fix it, firstly you need to find out the possible reason and then go for a relatable solution. The blue screen of death can be caused either by an error in software or default in hardware, or sometimes it can also be caused due to the mistake of a user.

Fixing the blue screen of death is caused by software errors

Most of the common reasons for the blue screen of death is usually due to software programming errors.

  • Sometimes the software is not compatible with the updated Windows version and if the troubleshooting gives you a hint that the cause of the error might be due to the updated software program. In this case, try installing the version of the software which is compatible with your Windows system. If your program is already updated then reinstall it and go for a clean version of your software program.
  • Even after updating and reinstalling the software doesn’t work, then a better option is to change the software program and install a new one.
  • List down all the error warnings that you got before which could help you find the particular defected area.
  • Make sure that the internal storage of your device is not full and there is ample space.
  • Uninstall any additional app that is unnecessary.
  • Go for startup repairs. The startup repair is already installed in your system then restart the system and wait till works. And if the startup repair is not pre-installed then go for the inbuilt startup repair in your computer and restart.
  • Check out the antivirus protection program in your system. Some kind of viruses can interrupt the system settings and can lead to system crashing.
  • Uninstall the updates because it can also cause errors and then restart the computer using advanced startup.

Fixing Blue Screen Error if caused by hardware errors

After checking out all the software program for errors, but still, the problem is not solved then go for hardware. In most cases, hardware’s are not the cause behind the Blue Screen.

  • Test the hardware in order to get to the root of the error. Find out any damaged pieces in hardware and upon finding one, then replace that particular part.
  • Check out the memory and hard drive. If there is an error in it, then fix it.
  • Avoid all unnecessary hardware in your PC.
  • Start your device with minimum hardware and if it works then the removed hardware will be the culprit for the system failure.
  • Like software, make sure that the hardware is compatible with the Microsoft Windows version of your computer.

If the hardware you are using is old and outdated, not working, then the best option is to replace it. Hardware devices might be costly, but it’s an effective remedy in most of the system crashes and even for Blue Screen of Death.

Even after following all the steps in your troubleshooting list, don’t try anything else if you do not have much knowledge about it as it will mess up with your system programs. Don’t take any rash steps in a hurry. If you are not able to fix MN, then it’s better to ask the help of experts for a better and reliable solution.

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