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Break-Fix vs Managed IT Support

By June 26, 2020No Comments6 min read
Break-Fix vs Managed IT Support

The Break-Fix model is the practice of only contacting IT services when your systems are not working or when you need to upgrade your systems. This might seem reasonable to many companies. However, there are many disadvantages to the Break-Fix model. The Break-Fix model is outdated now and it is very ineffective when compared with other models. According to a report by Clutch, more than 60% of IT providers have already moved to Managed IT services from the Break-fix model.

Managed Services is the practice of partnering up with a third-party IT provider. Your MSP will help you in managing your IT needs. They provide various types of services to their customers. Your MSP provider can help you in network monitoring, security, and IT helpdesk support. In this article, we are going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Managed Services and Break-Fix.

Break-Fix Advantages:

  • Contracts and Monthly Service fees: Many SMBs don’t want to pay monthly fees to their MSP. They don’t want to commit to any contract. If your business has very little IT needs, then this might work for you. However, if your business depends on it, then Break-Fix can affect your whole business productivity. A monthly fee will help you in predicting your IT costs.
  • Control: Many Business owners think that they have more control over their IT needs if they are using the Break-Fix model. They will only IT professionals if they think it is important. This might actually be true but you will have very little control over your IT costs.

Break-Fix Disadvantages:

  • Cost: If you are using the Break-fix model, then they will charge you for each consultation. You need to pay for hourly labor and every repair made. This will increase the complexity of your IT budget. You can’t control your IT budget as you can’t predict future issues. Also, there are no preventative measures that will help you in avoiding the same problem in the future.
  • Short-sited: In Break-fix model, experts will help you in solving your problems. However, they won’t do anything that will help you in preventing the problem in the future.
  • Inhibits Productivity: Businesses that are using this model mostly depends on their tech-savvy employee. If you are pulling your employee from their core job, then they will waste a lot of their time. Thus, it can hamper their productivity.
  • Hidden Threats: Most issues will start out small in the starting. They can cause severe damage before you even notice them. If you are using the Break-fix model, then no one is monitoring your systems. You can’t find issues when they are in the initial stage.
  • Downtime: If your IT system is down, then you will lose a lot of money. The expert that will come to fix your system will have no knowledge about your infrastructure. They will take their time to assess your IT infrastructure. After that, they will start searching for problems in your network.

Managed IT services Advantages:

  • 24/7 Monitoring: Your MSP will regularly monitor your system for irregularities and threats. They will eliminate potential threats before they can affect your system. If your systems are down, then they will quickly help you in fixing the problem. They already know about your whole IT infrastructure. Thus, your MSP provider can quickly detect problems in your infrastructure.
  • Prevention: MSPs will proactively help you in preventing future security issues. They will use the latest technologies for making sure that your systems are protected from viruses, malware, and cybercriminals.
  • Updates: IT updates can be both expensive and pesky. If you are working with an MSP, then they will help you in updating your software. They will ensure that all your systems are up-to-date. Your MSP partner will help you in managing the security of your systems.
  • Helpdesk Support: You can call your MSP helpdesk whenever you need help. Their IT expert will help you in quickly solving your issues.
  • Predictable Costs: Your MSP will always come at a fixed monthly cost. This will ensure that you can easily create a budget for your IT needs. You don’t need to worry about any surprise or hidden costs. Your MSP partner will help you in finding a perfect plan for your business. They will help you in customizing this plan according to your business needs.

Managed IT services Disadvantages:

  • Control and Trust: If you are working with a third-party provider, then you need to put a lot of trust into them. Your MSP provider will have access to your network and system. It is their duty to improve your IT infrastructure. Many business owners will think that they have less control when compared to the Break-fix method. If you are using the Break-fix method, then you can call any IT professional you want. However, you still need to trust that IT professional as they need full access to your systems. If you are using the Break-fix model, then you have no control over your IT professional action. Your MSP provider will also provide you a contract that will outline their services. They will send you strategic reports, action plans, and recommendations. If you have any doubts, then you can directly call them.
  • Contracts: Many business owners think that contracts are too much commitment. These contracts will actually ensure that you will at least get a level of service. This will ensure that your provider is actually meeting your IT needs. Break-fix method doesn’t require any contract but they have hidden charges.


Every business has different needs. Thus, your decision will ultimately depend on your business needs. You have to first decide your business needs. This will help you in finding the best solution for your business. We have already provided you with the relevant information that will help you in finding the perfect service for you. If you need more information regarding managed IT services, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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