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Buying a Used Computer? Check These Things Before Buying

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We always want to buy the best of things. It doesn’t matter if it is brand new or used. From cars, houses to old electronics, we always look to get the best deal at affordable prices. No one wants to get scammed when buying pre-owned things. Buying a used computer is almost the same as buying a completely new one.

There are many deciding factors while buying a used computer. You need to understand your requirements before purchasing any computers. Factors like, what do you want to use the computer for, how much you are willing to spend to make the pc brand new, and what model are you looking for. In this technological world, gadgets get upgraded very often, and it is at times difficult to get components which have ceased to exist or are outdated. You need to do proper research, and according to your requirement, you have to decide which computer you want to go for.

The 2 main qualities which you to check first before buying a used computer are:

  • Power retaining capacity

When you are buying a used computer, always change the battery or power supply no matter how new the machine is. It is not possible to know how much the machine has the machine been used in the past. The more you use a computer or a laptop, the strength of the battery to retain power reduces significantly. So, when buying a used computer always calculate the amount of money which you need to spend while changing the battery and also check the battery is still present in the market or is it discontinued.

If you do not change the batteries of a used machine, then the power might drain out fast, and it might also overheat and cause an explosion. So it’s better always to change the batteries when buying a used laptop.

  • Portability and weight

In today’s world, everything is becoming lighter and more portable, from phones, TVs, laptops, everyone is looking for more portable and mobile options. Therefore, before opting to buy an old laptop, always check the weight and dimensions of the machine. The slimmer and compact the laptop is, the better it is for you to carry it from place to place.

More pointers to check before handing over the cash

You might be buying the refurbished computer from a very good friend or from a reputed seller who deals with pre-owned computers. No matter what relation you hold with the seller, always check these points before handing over the money.

  • Price of upgrades

Before buying a pre-owned computer always check the prices of the upgrades which you will have to spend after purchasing the product. For example, you will need to change the battery and adapter. Check the prices of this and see if it is available or discontinued in the market. We often do not think about the money which we need to spend after buying an old laptop. Also, you may need to spend on buying new OS subscription, anti-virus, new hard drives, etc.

Sometimes, it is seen that the price of the used laptop is less than a new one. But after spending on the upgrades, it is equal or close to the price of a brand new laptop. So beware and bargain well!

  • Compare with new models

Buying a pre-owned laptop may sound like a good deal or even it may not! Do not go with the seller’s offerings like extra free hard drive, OS, or anti-virus. Always check the price of the laptop with the current price of a new one.

If you find the price difference is more than half of the price of a new computer, then it is better to go for a new computer.

  • Check the warranties and software

If you get a preowned laptop at a very cheap price, you might be very happy and excited. But do not get overwhelmed and buy it at an instance. Investigate if the OS has expired, has the software expired? This is a common trap which seller use to sack computers with expired software.

When you are buying an old laptop make sure that you have studied the warranty card, subscription details, and even if the software drivers CDs are included or not.

Finally, time to take the test

  • Check for exterior damage

The first thing to check before buying a used computer is, investigate the entire body. Check for scratches dents. If there are too many scratches and dents, then it is a sign that the machine was not well-handled in the past. So, do not buy such laptops.

  • Watch videos and clips

To judge the screen quality, try watching some HD videos and images. If you find the picture is shaking, or the colour is pale, then there is a problem with the screen. Also, if you find there are grey marks on the screen, then it is a sign that the screen is spoilt.

  • Open multiple files in one go

To examine the health of the motherboard and hard drive, select like 10 doc files by pressing “CTRL+A” and then press “Enter”. If the computer hangs while trying to execute the task, then it is a sign that the motherboard is not healthy.

  • Play a game

To check the RAM and the performance of the computer, play an average graphics game, like FIFA 14. If the computer lags, then it may not be a good deal to buy this machine.

  • Browse on the internet

Browsing the internet also highlights the performance of the laptop. If the computer is hanging very often while browsing the internet, then it is a sign that the computer is not in good shape.

  • Check the keyboard

If you are buying a laptop which has an in-built keyboard in it, make sure to test each and every key present on the keyboard. If one key is also not working, then you might have to change the entire keyboard.

Here are a few tips which will help you to buy a good used computer. Stay alert while going to pre-owned goods and do not get scammed. If you need to know more about pre owned computers, then you can consult IT support Miami.

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