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Everything You Need to Know About Carrier Neutral Colocation Facilities

By March 5, 2020No Comments5 min read
Data center colocation

Colocation facilities are becoming more important with time. There are many advantages to using these colocation data centers. If you are using a colocation data center, then you don’t need to worry about managing your IT infrastructure. This is the most important advantage of the colocation center.

However, it is difficult to move to a colocation center. You need to check various things like server space, power availability and deployment density of data centers. There are many more factors like monitoring tools that you should check. Most companies focus on these factors. But, they forget one of the most important factors. You should check if your data center is carrier-neutral. This can have huge effects on your organization. If you want to achieve digital transformation, then this is one of the most important factors for you. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of carrier-neutral colocation centers.

Definition of a Carrier-Neutral Colocation Facility:

Data centers are offering both virtual and physical space to companies. Companies can use this space for managing and storing their servers. Most companies are using data centers for running their critical applications. They can focus on maintaining their existing systems only.

However, the data center is only part of the bigger picture. You also need to check the ISP that you are using. ISP will help you in connecting your network to the internet.

If a data center is a carrier-neutral facility, then you don’t need to worry about these ISP providers. They are not using a single ISP for connecting to the internet. These data centers will provide various connectivity options to organizations. Thus, the carrier-neutral colocation data center offers better performance.

Importance of Carrier-Neutral Colocation Data Center

There are many benefits of working with carrier-neutral colocation data centers. If you are setting your server in a data center, then you are dependent on their environment. These data centers will help you in fulfilling your connectivity needs. If you are working with a single-carrier facility, then your connectivity option will be limited. You need to work with a specific Internet Service provider. If an ISP is working with a data center, then you can’t use its rival ISP. Some ISP will offer you free upgrades.

This will put your organization in a very tight situation. You need to work with only a specific vendor. Your organization can’t choose any other ISP provider. If the ISP is increasing its price, then you can’t switch to other ISPs. Thus, most companies don’t like working with a single-carrier facility. There are many advantages to working with a carrier-neutral data center. Some of the most important benefits of carrier-neutral facilities are:

  1. Cost Savings

This is the most important advantage of working with carrier-neutral facilities. They will offer you better connectivity prices. You can choose between different Internet Service Providers. Thus, you can find the best offer for your organization.

ISPs will face strong competition from its rivals. Thus, they will decrease their price. This will help them in attracting more customers. If organizations don’t like their current ISP, then they can easily switch to a new ISP. Also, companies require different levels of ISP services. If your organization is using technologies like IoT and edge computing, then you need a better connection. You can’t work with moderate connectivity options. These facilities will help you in finding the best provider for your organization.

  1. Reliability

Every business is trying its best in increasing its uptime. Carrier-neutral facilities will offer ISP redundancy to your company. You won’t get this type of service in single-carrier facilities.

You can connect different carriers with your main IT systems. This will ensure that your main systems won’t go down during an outage. If one carrier is not working, then you can connect with another ISP carrier. This will ensure that your important systems are always running. You can blend multiple ISPs for protecting your network from DDoS attacks. It will also help you in dealing with other hacking attacks.

Thus, these facilities are offering both service redundancy and risk mitigation to their customers. This will ensure that your critical systems are always running. It will also protect your organization from security breaches. These facilities can also use a single cross-connect for providing services. This will reduce the links in the network chain.

  1. Flexibility

Organizations are growing with time. Thus, flexibility is becoming an important factor with time. Companies are looking for facilities that can scale with them. The carrier-neutral centers can match your needs. Thus, they are providing ideal service and IT infrastructure.

The arrangement of cables, servers, and routers can determine the speed of data center deployment. Most colocation facilities are following the main principles of networks. However, carrier-neutral facilities can offer many more benefits to its users. You can enjoy benefits like DR options, interconnections and MSP services.


If you are using a carrier-neutral facility, then you will have various options to choose from. You can find the perfect ISP for your company. Also, there are many advantages to working with carrier-neutral facilities. It is becoming difficult for single-carrier facilities to compete. Many facilities are switching to carrier-neutral services. Thus, the number of carrier-neutral facilities is increasing with time.

If you want to invest in colocation facilities, then these facilities are perfect for you. They will help you in building a reliable IT infrastructure. Also, these facilities will help you in saving a lot of money. You don’t need to worry about maintaining your IT systems. These facilities will also help you in connecting your IT system with multiple ISPs. Thus, you can access your critical systems during an outage. This will help you in dealing with disasters. Many organizations are using this fact for creating a DR plan. These are all the important advantages of working with carrier-neutral facilities. If you need more information regarding colocation facilities, then you can contact Bluewire.

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