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What You Should Consider When Choosing an Antivirus Program

By September 18, 2018November 2nd, 2018No Comments

Cyber and hacker attacks, new viruses, and other types of malware – all of the topics that you repeatedly come across in the news and other media. So, if you’ve decided to look for and implement a new antivirus program in your business, there are a few things to watch out for.

Some of you will say that an anti-virus program is already implemented. But even in the event that an antivirus program is already available, it is important to check some points! In the following article, you will learn what to look for in the selection and how to ensure that it also exploits its full potential.

Step 1: Select the appropriate antivirus program

In principle, all virus protection programs of the established manufacturers offer a similar level of security. Each of these programs can do the same. It, therefore, does not matter which manufacturer you choose! Rather, make sure it fits the size of your business and it offers you a handling that suits you.

For example, programs for enterprise environments (corporations and larger companies) are typically not appropriate for small and medium-sized businesses. Because these often involve a complexity that overwhelms a single administrator very quickly.

Furthermore, you should ensure that the desired antivirus program covers the operating systems used in the operation (Windows, Unix, Linux, MacOS …), so you do not have to act with multiple products. In addition, you should also discuss the selection with your administrator if possible, as this will ultimately have to be used by the programs.

Step 2: The right implementation of anti-virus programs

Now that you’ve made an informed choice, the next step is: the correct implementation.

For an antivirus software to do what it needs to, it must be configured correctly! You should use external help from a manufacturer certified company.

Failure to do so may otherwise result in performance issues or limitations on your servers and workstations. Also, security holes are not excluded! For example, if exception definitions were set too large or incorrect.

You should also have your administrator briefed by an experienced service provider so that they can handle the virus protection program. The training of your administrator in the operation of the program is a key success criterion. What’s the use of the best antivirus protection if the administrator can not use it properly? If you are looking for support or advice, Bleuwire™ can help you.

Step 3: The right use of anti-virus programs

Unfortunately, it is not done with step 1 and step 2! Because virus protection programs require a reasonable monitoring. Only when the program is monitored can you ensure that there are no complications or computer security holes. For example, you need to periodically check that all clients have received your updates. In particular, changes to the infrastructure can lead to security vulnerabilities. For this reason, for example, it must be regulated how new devices in the network immediately get the virus protection program installed.

Interim conclusion
It is not enough to select and implement an anti-virus program! There must also be regulations on how to deal with this and what regular work is required. For this purpose, an anti-virus concept is often used, which contains exactly these regulations.

BUT: antivirus program is not equal to IT security

Nice that you have dealt with the topic of anti-virus program. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that this is just a drop in the bucket. Of course, your company needs an anti-virus program, but this is not enough to ensure comprehensive IT security!

An anti-virus program will not protect you from the myriad threats that exist today! Internet security is far more comprehensive than “anti-virus program” and “firewall”. Therefore, you should now take the next step and approach the subject of IT security professionally!


If you follow the steps above, you should have found and implemented a suitable antivirus program. First of all, keep in mind: The antivirus program must fit in with your company! The winner or the most expensive program is not necessarily the product that is suitable for you! Also, keep in mind that IT security is not achieved through an anti-virus program and you may need to be more insistent on the subject in view of the myriad of threats to your business !

Contact Bleuwire™  today, we are at your disposal at any time and will gladly advise you on data security and other areas of the IT infrastructure.

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