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Cloud Hosting with MPLS Connectivity: Your Freeway to the Cloud

By September 4, 2018November 2nd, 2018No Comments4 min read

Cloud hosting is playing an increasingly important role in many companies. You outsource your data, applications or even the computing power to save resources and develop yourself flexibly. This is extremely convenient if you do not want to build your own expertise in IT infrastructures and want to avoid high irregular investments. But a variety of data transfers can paralyze the connection via the Internet to the cloud ever once before. With an MPLS connection, you set up a direct line to the server, through which your data and inquiries can flow unchecked. This combines the advantages of the fast MPLS connection with the benefits of the private cloud. We’ll tell you how to do it!

MPLS: The fast way to the server

Data on the Internet does not always take a predetermined route. Which route the data packets take is unpredictable – and it can quickly happen that your data on the way to the cloud take a detour or come across a bottleneck. In addition, connections to cloud servers over the Internet are particularly secure, which limits the data transfer between the cloud and your corporate network. Especially if you make many requests to your cloud server, this can lead to delays over time. Annoying for you and your employees!

MPLS stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching. This type of connection establishes a direct connection from your company network to the desired point. Your data will not be sent through the public Internet, but will always take the same, secure route over your private connection. The internet provider will provide you with a private route for your inquiries. We then set up access so your network knows exactly which way to take it.

Imagine, you want to send a package across New York. Of course, you can drive in a van through the city center, perhaps get confused in the many one-way streets and arrive at the destination after hours of cursing. Or you use a street high above the city’s heads, which is just for you. The VIP information superhighway leads you directly to your destination without detours – fast, safe and reliable.

Cloud Hosting with MPLS Connection: Here comes together what belongs together

This is where your cloud hosting comes into play. With a cloud, you are flexible with the IT resources and can concentrate on your core business. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is booming and networking with external resources that you just need to connect to.


Fig: MPLS network diagram

We enable the MPLS providers to install a direct connection to our cloud resources. These are usually large Internet providers like Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, etc, which set up a direct line between our cloud server and your corporate network.

This gives medium-sized companies the opportunity to connect a ” private MPLS network ” to scalable cloud resources without this data being transmitted over the Internet. This data connection meets the highest standards and can be set to the highest standard in terms of security with VPN-MPLS (VPN via MPLS).

Conclusion: Double benefits for companies

Infrastructure as a Service fulfills several tasks. On the one hand, you can outsource computing power without having to buy even expensive internet servers and storage systems. But with cloud networks, you can easily connect different company locations or send large amounts of data. A cloud connection ensures a lot of external storage space and robust power according to your needs. Once again, MPLS gives your traffic a real boost and allows you to work smoothly from many locations.

Overall, you have two advantages:

  • MPLS offers a first-class connection speed and the high standard of the line
  • Cloud hosting services are flexible, performant and your effort is outsourced

At Bleuwire™ we advise you in the choice and set up your direct connection to the cloud via MPLS. So you can continue to focus on your business and outsource your work on IT. A win for all sides!

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