Clouds Make Good Business Cents


Clouds Make Good Business Cents

The information age brings IT to the forefront of small businesses. The computer needs for businesses are constantly evolving and smart IT decisions can be the difference in turning a profit. The act of backing up a server at the close of business is quickly becoming obsolete. Access to a cloud grants small businesses a platform on which to grow, share, adapt, and capture profits that would otherwise be out of reach. Here are some of the reasons why migrating to the cloud is a good choice for small businesses.

Work Smarter by Increasing Productivity

In the world of small business every dollar spent on utilities is written off as operational costs which directly affect the bottom line. Cloud computing eliminates the necessity of additional hardware and storage which is usually provided and maintained by a third party. Reducing maintenance costs is a simple and effective way to increase a company’s bottom line. Migrating to a cloud means a small business must only pay for the resources it uses in that cloud.

A cloud based system also allows employees to access, edit, and save data from anywhere and on any device. A password gives them the ability to collaborate with access to real time data on a regular basis. Gone are the days of submitting a request for documents and waiting for them to be sent. Access to a cloud allows employees to accommodate clients immediately and in real time. No more waiting on other departments to send or receive paperwork.

More Control Means Better Security

Another attractive benefit to using a cloud based system is the amount of control and flexibility granted to the business. The employer can regulate how much access each employee is granted. Some data may be accessed by all while certain files are reserved for the necessary few. Sensitive data is better guarded by restricted access.

Additionally, there is no bulky on-site server that may crash or be compromised in a moment of haste. Important information doesn’t have to be lost in the wake of a natural disaster. A cloud based system keeps business data highly secure and backed up without the need for a lot of extra hardware.

Adaptability is Money

In the modern business world many employees work remotely which decreases overhead for a small company. The best way to allow this without increasing vulnerability is to migrate to the cloud. Cloud based solutions are easily adaptable and scalable which means they can grow with the company. Small businesses no longer have to pay hefty contract fees for services they don’t need or use. If a system is found obsolete, it can be deleted or let go. Many cloud based providers also offer affordable back office solutions for small business owners and migrating to the cloud allows a company to realize those cost savings.

In short, cloud based solutions level the playing field for small businesses. They offer the flexibility, adaptability, and security necessary to do business productively in modern times. Cloud based businesses save more money and are more productive than their server-based counterparts of days past. Clouds just make good business cents.

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