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Computer Making Noises? Tips to Fix This Problem

By April 3, 2019April 6th, 2019No Comments5 min read

We live in the 21st century where artificial intelligence and computers run almost everything. Computers have become a vital part of our daily lives. In all the hemispheres of life, a person needs a computer. Be it a student, an employee in a big corporation, or an entrepreneur. No professional can work without the help of computers. And why not, since the invention of computers the workload of a human has decreased significantly.

We depend on computers so much that if they stop working, we cannot take care of our day to day tasks. Everyone who depends on computers for their work should know a little bit about how it operates and what to do if they stop working. Here you can find the answers about what should you do if your computer starts making noises.

What parts of a Computer can make noise?

In order to understand what a person can do if their computer suddenly starts making noises, it is primarily essential to know where the noise is coming from. The computer is a very complex machine and has a lot of parts. And any part can stop working at any time. So, it is good to familiarize yourself with all the parts of the computer, so it becomes easy to identify the problem.

The CD Rom drive, where you put a CD is the first place which can make noises. If there is a CD in the CD drive, then it is normal for it to make a whizzing sound for a little while. That is just the noise of your computer reading the new CD. But if the CD Rom drive makes noise without any CD been inserted into it, then there could be a problem.

Another part of the computer that makes noise is the hard drive. It is the most common part of a computer that may face technical issues. And the noise is the indication that it is time to get the hard drive checked or even better, get it replaced.

Noises can also be heard from the fan. It is placed in a Control Processing Unit or most commonly known as CPU. When a fan starts making noise it can be because of a few reasons. Either there is a wire that is coming in touch of the fan. If this is not the case and the noise is continuous, it is a clear indication that the fan is failing or has already failed.

What to do after finding the problem

The first step if your computer starts making noise is to figure out where the noise is coming from. After a person has done this, the next step is the measures the person can take in order to fix the noise.

If the fan of a computer starts making noise, then it is serious because it indicates that the fan has already stopped working or will do so soon. And once the fan stops working there will be overheating inside the computer which can cause permanent damage.

The first thing a person can try is to clean the flag by blowing air into it, which might take away the dust that could be stuck in it. If a person is using a computer, then he/she should turn it off, unplug it and clean all the fans inside the CPU. With this, they can also clean the hard drive as well as the graphics card.

If the problem does not go away, take the computer to a service station or call a service executive at your home.

Even after changing the fan sometimes the noise can still be heard. This can be an indication of the power supply being at fault. In this case, a new power supply is needed which can run the programs on your computer in a better and efficient way.

The main two culprits of making the sound in a computer are fans and hard drive. If changing them does not help then a person can also try a different approach, which is a bit expensive. One can merely equip their computers with hardware specific fans. This means a different fan for the motherboard, for the graphics cards and a different fan for the processors.

This will not only make the computer noise free but will increase the life of the computer a lot. Simply because now the heat produced by these components which are responsible for most of the work in a computer will never get overheated.


Most of the times if the computer makes a noise it is because of dust. If this is the case, then a person should not use the computer without covering the CPU. Always run your computer with the case closed. If the noise comes from a hardware object of a computer it can mainly be because the hardware is forced to do more work than it was designed for. This can cause overheating of the hardware which can cause the noise.

In order to prevent a computer from overheating a person should make sure that the PC is not kept in a closed cabinet. Most of the air escapes the computer through its back, and that place should be open, allowing the heat to escape freely.

If your computer makes noise, then it is also an indication that it is not cleaned more often. At least once a month the computer should be cleaned thoroughly. Another thing which can be tried is to upgrade the fan of your computer. The fan is responsible for making the heat escape the computer so that other hard wares can work properly. But, as there is an upgrade every day in the technological world, there are powerful systems that a computer needs to run. And in order to do that, more heat is produced. So, upgrading and buying a better fan can help the noise.

A person should also keep in mind that while blowing the dust out of a fan through blowing in it, it should be done at a particular angle. Directly blowing into the fans might end up making the fans noisier. If still, your computer’s noise is not reducing, then hire a computer repair Miami service provider to fix the problem.


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