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Computer Turns off by Itself, What to Do?

By June 8, 2019No Comments

Does it happen with you that you are doing some important work on your computer and it suddenly turns off? And it is not because your foot touched the power button, or the lights went off. The computer just turns off all by itself. Well, it is not any black magic; it is just something that can happen to any computers.

Here are a few probable reasons why this might be happening and the solutions to it.

Overload of Electricity

The chips and hard drives used to build up the CPU of the computer use electricity to function. Sometimes there might be an overload of electricity, and this might heat those small devices inside. So to protect it from further damage, the computer sometimes just turns itself off if there is a lot of heat gets generated. So if you think that the computer is being evil by just turning itself off, it is just trying to keep itself safe, kind of like a defense mechanism. So one of the reasons why the computer turns off by itself is that it might have gotten extra heated, and it has turned off to protect from further damage to the motherboard or any other components of it. Because let’s face it, what if something gets damaged and that might cost you more than just switching the computer after a while?

Heating Issues

These heating problems are usually caused because of ventilation problems. All the desktops have a little fan at the back, to prevent the CPU from getting hot. If the computer is getting heated frequently, you might want to check the fan. There might be some blockage in the fan, or it might have been damaged.

Hardware issue

The computer may also turn off because of some hardware issue. Your computer might be turned off because of a failed hardware, or a hardware malfunction. If you have recently added new hardware in your computer, then it might be causing the issue. Remove it from the computer once to make sure it is not causing the problem. If you have installed any new hardware like a modem or a sound card or any other external card, and the computer is turning off without warning, the next best thing to do would be to remove it systematically from the computer before it causes any more damage to it.

UPS Issue

Another problem can be a problem with the UPS that you have connected to the computer. Make sure that the UPS that you have connected is not the cause of the problem. You can do this by installing the power cord directly in the power outlet without the presence of a UPS. If the computer works properly, then, then the problem is likely to be with the UPS. If it is indeed the UPS, then the UPS might have caused it because of certain UPS problems which include, UPS overload or the UPS drivers might be reporting bad power connections which causes your computer to switch off without any warning. To resolve this problem, you need to make sure that the UPS is functioning properly. Another thing you can do is make sure that there are not too many devices connected to the UPS. This will not burden the UPS with heavy power load, and it will function smoothly. Also, check if your software is up to date. Sometimes the computer may have switched off because of the old software, and it needs to be updated.


The next problem because of which the computer may be switching off can be because of the computer virus. This is a very common problem. Computer viruses not only cause the laptop computers to turn off; they sometimes even cause the desktop computers to freeze, or malfunction.

The viruses can also cause system problems and may also format the computer. This way, you may lose all the important data on the computer. These computer viruses may enter the computer because of some installations you have done through the internet, or a pen drive which may have also caused the virus to corrupt the system. The best solution for this is to install an anti-virus application and check the computer for any bugs. If left undetected, these viruses may cause a lot of trouble, also turning off the computer unexpectedly. So make sure you report these bugs and get them fixed on time.

Problem with the Motherboard

If your computer is switching off on its own, then there might be a problem with the Motherboard. There might be some wire loose in the motherboard, or the batteries might not be working, and this may have caused the unexpected switching off of the computer. To solve this problem, what you can do is reboot the computer. And while the computer is booting type CMOS setup. After you load the CMOS setup in the computer, let the computer sit for some time. And if the computer does not turn off after sitting in the CMOS set up for a while, then there might be something really wrong with your motherboard. What you can do next is remove all the data from the computer and erase everything else. Then reinstall the Windows program and check for any other malfunction. If you run your computer on the corrupt operating system, it will soon damage other parts of the computer, and it may cost you heavily in the future. In order to avoid these future costs, reboot the computer and reinstall the Windows in your computer.

Now the next time your computer turns off by itself, you can check from the following reasons. And if you find the reason, solve it now as now you know the solution to it! Don’t just restart the computer if it turns off, there might be some kind of damage to the computer, and you better check what it is!

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