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Confused Which Type of Laptop Should You Buy? Read on to Know More…..

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This question comes in the mind of every person who wishes to buy a laptop. Thorough research is needed to buy a perfect laptop which is fit for the user requirements and also the user’s budget. There are various types of laptops which pertain to specific needs such as Gaming laptops, Chromebooks, Ultrabooks and many more. Hence there is a lot of competition in the electronics industry especially when it comes to the product department of laptops.

There are numerous specifications for each laptop and to understand which one is best to have a look at these:-


Keeping the performance in mind the companies have put their best in these kinds of laptops, as these are best on every parameter but a slightly expensive. These laptops are basically used for processing data at a high speed, support high graphics, long-lasting battery, etc. These are some of the best laptops which fall in this area.

  • Huawei MateBook 13

Key Features

  1. 8th generation Intel core i5-7 CPU
  2. Intel HD graphics 620 NVidia GeForce MX150 2 GB GDDR5
  3. RAM 8 GB
  4. Screen of 13inch
  5. Storage is around 256-512 GB SSD

An individual can buy this product within a range of around ($1,299) and it is certainly worth paying for. This Laptop tops the charts in every aspect as the performance of this laptop is incomparable. The laptop is equipped with very high defined features that will benefit the user a lot.

  • Dell XPS 13

Key Features

  1. 8th generation Intel Core i5-i7
  2. Intel UHD Graphics 620
  3. RAM of 8GB-16GB
  4. Screen of 13.3 inch
  5. Storage of 256GB-1TB SSD

This laptop is also one of the best choices among the users as it is equipped with various features such as Centered webcam, best battery life, 4K display and many more. The device also is quite expensive around (marked at $1,250) but is totally worth its value.

  • Asus Zen Book Flip SUX370

Key Features

  1. Intel core processor i7
  2. Intel Graphics 620
  3. RAM of 16 GB
  4. The screen of almost 13.3inch
  5. Storage of 512 GB

Asus is known for its sleek design and 2-in-1 model as one can use it as a tablet and as a laptop as well. These laptops range around $1,999 and come with magnificent design, unlike any other machine that is present in the market.

  • Apple MacBook Pro

Key Features

  1. CPU of quad Intel Core i5-i7
  2. Graphics of Intel Iris 655
  3. RAM ranges from 8 GB to 16 GB
  4. The screen of 13.3 inch
  5. Storage ranges from 128GB to 2TB

Apple has been at the forefront of the electronics industry for decades due to its performance, and it is one of the most popular choices among the general public. This laptop also ranges from $ 1,299 to US$ 2,799 which seems to be quite expensive but if you need performance for multitasking, then this laptop is right for you.

  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Key Features

  1. Intel Core i5-i7
  2. Intel UHD Graphics 620
  3. RAM 8GB-16GB
  4. The screen of 13.5 inch
  5. Storage ranges from 128GB to 1TB

Microsoft sets to be one of the best laptops and presents pure powerful windows 10 which include various features. Microsoft generally sells cost-effective laptops but as the performance and features of this laptop is premium so this laptop ranges $999 to $2,199. The cost must seem extra, but if one wishes to enjoy the powerful Windows 10, then this laptop is right for you.

These were the laptops which top the charts in the domain of performance, but when it comes to the budget, these operating systems can be a little expensive in nature. Well, now the laptops which fall in cost-effective range sells the most. The leading companies also try their best to manufacture such laptops which is cost effective and also has better performance.


The following are some of the best laptops which are cost effective and have better performance:-

  • Lenovo IdeaPad 330S

Key Features

  1. 8th generation Intel-core processer
  2. RAM of 4GB
  3. Storage of 1TB of HDD
  4. A full glare HD screen

Lenovo tops the charts in this field as it offers these features starting at $559. The company has managed to become one of the favorites among the people and is making its mark on the global market.

  • Acer Aspire E5-575G

Key Features

  1. 6th generation Intel corei3 processor
  2. RAM of 4GB
  3. NVIDIA graphics GeForce 940MX GPU
  4. With 15.6 inch screen
  5. Storage of 1TB

Acer becomes one of the most opted laptops as it provides these features at just $550. The company also offers an international warranty of 1 year to the product. The device is a bargain at its current price range and must be availed if you are looking for both performance and user-friendly aspects in a machine.

  • Dell Vostro 3468

Key Features

  1. Multiple ports
  2. 14 inch HD screen
  3. Powered by Intel Core i3 processor
  4. RAM of 4 GB
  5. With storage of 1TB

Dell Vostro weighs less than 2 kg and is armed with great features which are made available at a price range of only $499. This laptop is cost effective and has every feature which normally a user requires. The laptop becomes one of the favorites among the people due to its cost and features.

  • HP x2 210 G2

Key Features

  1. 2in1 laptop (i.e. tablet and laptop)
  2. Intel Atom z8350 processor
  3. With a RAM of 4GB
  4. With eMMC-based storage of 128 GB
  5. Detachable keyboard

The HP x2 210 G2 is priced at $470 but still stands efficient in the performance rate. HP as a brand has dominated in the electronics industry for several years as all its devices are known for its longevity.

So, these are the different types of laptop which have been distinguished in terms of price and performance. It depends on the individual what features they want their operating system to possess. Just keep your requirements in mind and then choose carefully according to the performance and budget.

If you need to know more about laptops, then it is best to consult an IT services Miami.

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