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Windows 10 Operation System: Cortana Assistant Quick Guide Tips and Features

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In today’s world, people are amazed by the capability of the computer being used to store a large amount of data and information in a convenient and inexpensive way, which in a sense also saves space.

Various activities and functioning of computer are done by a program which only requires an input process in the form of computer coding from the user to produce the desired output.

An Operating system is a type of system software that helps in the proper functioning of computers by managing the components, i.e, hardware, and software, in a synchronized manner to produce the result as required by the user. It works as building a life of the computer, in the absence of which the computer doesn’t function.

Various types of operating systems are available in the market. Some of them are Linux,  MacOs, Microsoft Windows and many more.

The most popular and trusted operating system, i.e., Microsoft Windows is the most suitable for any computer. With ever-increasing demands of computer functioning in every aspect of life whether it be school, business, management and any other,   Microsoft has always worked hard to produce different types of Windows operating system, each time the later model being more advanced than the former one.

The first Microsoft Operating system was launched on November 20, 1985. With modification in the functioning of work in different sector and the need of people for the less time-consuming process, made Microsoft produce different types of operating system to meet the demands of the user,  so as to be in the race of being better software than others.

The latest and popular model of Microsoft, i.e., Windows 10, is the advanced version of its earlier software.

Microsoft launched Windows 10 on July 15, 2015, as an upgrade to Windows 8.1 and was broadly available in the market for sale on July 29, 2015. The computer language used to program the software in C,  C++.

Windows 10 was launched with the sole purpose of personal computing.  A personal computer is a multi-purpose computer, which doesn’t require any computer expert or technician for their operation and can be operated by an individual on its own.

Windows 10 system software is inbuilt with various types of features above other system operating the software.

  • Support for Universal Apps-

The inbuilt process of this software including programming and computer language coding which is suitable to support all type of apps. In short, it is a universal app supporter.

  • Cortana Integration-

This is the most special feature of Windows 10 is the voice-controlled digital assistant Cortana in a desktop computer to make it easier for the user to use the device,  without using their hands.

  • Virtual Desktops-

As all software doesn’t support multi-monitor setup, so Microsoft has come up with Windows 10 that allows the user to work on multiple screens simultaneously.

  • Inbuilt with Start Menu feature-

It has start menu feature with which one can click at the start button placed at the bottom to use two panels, one showing recently used apps and other your current working page.

  • New Version of Office App-

Windows 10 comes with touch support of office apps for the user to get access to their office work easier and to complete their work on time.

  • Multiple application Software-

Windows 10 is designed and integrated with various improved and new application software like Xbox for playing games, Project Starter Browser for browsing the web etc.

The most advanced and amazing feature provided by Windows 10 is Cortana Assistant.

What is Microsoft Cortana Assistant?

Cortana assistant is a voice-controlled digital assistant which takes input orders in the form of voice from the user to make it easier for the user to interact with the device without lifting their fingers.

Windows 10 is inbuilt with complete guiding tips for Cortana Assistant.

How to use Cortana Assistant?

To use the assistant efficiently, first, you need to tell her about your interest and it will set up on her own.

Guide to Set Up Cortana Assistant

The setting is where you control how Cortana assistant behaves.  It includes enabling or disabling the assistant.  It gets activated when you say ‘Hey Cortana’ and then executes functions accordingly as said by the user.

  • Eat and drink-

After setting up, this feature helps the user in finding restaurants near you.  It comes up with restaurants and its complete information, sharing its ratings and feedback.  It also comes with a filter so as to adjust the type of restaurants user is searching for.

  • Events-

Cortana assistant comes with the complete list of events occurring nearby you with the date and timing

  • Reminders and Traffic Update-

The assistant comes up with reminders according to the calendar events and traffic details in your area.

  • Movies and Music-

User can set the choice of movies and music by using the filter feature of the assistant so as to obtain the result as desired.

  • Weather-

Weather setting can be done by integrating the weather app with the assistant.

After completing the setup, the assistant helps in doing various activities by providing various features.

Features offered by Cortana Assistant

  • Search-

It handles all search functions including searching for local files and documents along with search from the web.

  • Reminders-

This feature helps the user by reminding about events, meeting or any family functions to attend.  It also reminds about any deadline or payment to be done and can also be used to set alarms.

  • Notifications and Cards-

It helps in providing information about various things and helps in popping up the notification of things necessary to you including weather, traffic in any area, train or flight to catch,  etc.

  • Helping in opening Things-

It helps the user in opening things like app or anything – Only the user has to say Cortana Open App and the app will get open.

  • Entertainment-

All you need is to ask the type of entertainment you are looking for.

In addition to these features, Cortana provides additional more features.

With Cortana assistant feature introduced in Windows 10, it has made a deep increment in the marketing and installation of the software.  As the assistant comes with various benefits which are user-friendly hence making Windows 10, one of the best OS to be installed.

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