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Cyber Security Tips You Need to Remember

By March 22, 2019No Comments

There’s nothing scarier than a data breach. With the increasing numbers of hackers online, there is always a possibility of a data breach. Hackers can leak your personal data online. Thus, it has become very important to learn how to protect yourself online.

If you are a business owner, then it is better to take professional services from our company. We will make sure that your business will never get hacked. But, there are some things which you do yourself to make sure that you are protected. These security tips will help you from protecting your network from normal computer security threats.

Tip #1: Learn how to do safe online shopping

Everyone loves online shopping. We can buy almost everything online. But, there are many cyber risks involved with shopping online. Never do online shopping on someone else device or on some public network.

Many hackers set up fake public networks to grab user data. They will get your credit card details. Hence, they can easily do fraud transactions. Make sure that you are using a safe network when you are shopping online. Try to use strong passwords on your e-commerce website accounts.

If you think that your details got compromised, then you must check your transactions weekly. Try to track your recent transactions. Also, never shop on fishy websites. Many e-commerce websites are created by hackers to steal credit card information.

Tip #2: Use a strong password on every website

Your password is the most important thing on any website. Try to use strong passwords on every website. A strong password consists of a strong mix of numbers and characters. It must be at least 10 characters long. Also, never use the same password on every website. Otherwise, hackers only need to hack one of your accounts. After that, they can access all of your accounts which are using the same password.

Never share your password with others. If you have shared your password for some work, then change it once that work is done. You can also use password manager services for maintaining all your passwords at one place. Thus, you don’t need to worry about remembering different passwords. The password manager will do that for you.

Tip #3: Be careful when using Wi-Fi Networks

It is never a good idea to do your important tasks on public Wi-Fi networks. Many hackers can hack these public Wi-Fi networks. Hence, they can steal all your important data.

You should also use a strong password to protect your Wi-Fi router. A strong password will ensure that hackers can’t access your home Wi-Fi network. Make sure that you are using a WPA2 Wifi network.

If you are connecting to a public network setup by some hotel, then first confirm that network with some employee. Many people set up fake WiFi networks near famous hotels and restaurants. Hence, a lot of people connect to these WiFi networks.

Tip #4: Use Two-Factor Authentication

Sometimes having a strong password is not enough. Many hackers can crack your passwords through social engineering. Hence, it is important to add another layer of security. You can consider two-factor authentication to increase the security of your accounts. It was introduced by Google to secure its Gmail users. Gmail accounts were very easy to hack. Hence, they developed a two-step authentication process. In the two-step authentication process, you need to enter an OTP to access your account. This OTP is sent to your personal phone number. Thus, it will become impossible for anyone to hack your accounts.

Almost every major website like Twitter and Facebook has started providing two-step authentication. You can enable it to secure all your social media accounts. If you are an Apple user then you can turn on this setting for your Apple ID. All you need to do is open your settings. After that, enable two-factor authentication for your Apple ID.

Tip #5: Defend your system

There are some things which you can do to protect your computer. Make sure that your operating system is up to date. Many security bugs are fixed by Microsoft in new security patches.

Also, try to purchase a good antivirus. Antivirus plays a very important role in eliminating virus and malware from your computer. Do your own research and find the best antivirus for you. If you are low on budget, then you can use free Antivirus like Windows Defender.

Never open suspicious links in your browser. Many scammers send fake emails with a link attached to it. These links are actually phishing links which are used to hack your accounts. Even cracked or pirated software contains many hidden malware. These malwares can steal all your important data like credit card details and social media login details. Hence, try to use only legit software.

Tip #6: Lock your device

Never leave your devices unlocked. If you need to leave your phone, computer or tablet for any amount of time- lock it up. Make sure that no one can use your device while you are gone.

If you carry sensitive information in your external hard disk or pen drive, then make sure it is locked. It is important to lock all your devices. In the internet age, you can hack all the accounts using one device only. If someone can access your smartphone, then he can easily access your bank account.

Tip #7: Become a Smart Social Media User

Social media is the best thing about the internet. You can add your old friends on social media accounts and interact with them. But, you need to be cautious while using social media. Everything you post online will stay online. Hence, you need to be selective about what to post on top social media websites. Never share your private information on social media platforms.

Also, you need to be selective when accepting friend requests. Don’t accept random person requests on social media. They can easily do a social engineering attack on you. In simple words, they can hack your social media accounts. Sharing your exact location on social media will make you an easy target for criminals.


The internet is definitely a great place. You can learn several things on the internet. Also, you can connect with your friends and have fun on the internet. But, the internet can be equally dangerous and scary. Your credit card details can get leaked or hackers can hack your private accounts. Hence, it is very important to practice these cybersecurity types. If you are practicing these security tips, then it will become difficult for hackers to hack you.

We provide cybersecurity services for all type of online business. You will get a full suite of internet security services like spam control system, anti-virus protection, and employee monitoring service. If your business has a mobile app, then you can also opt for mobile security services. These tips will help you to protect your system from normal attacks. But, for large scale attacks, it is important to hire some good cybersecurity company. This will ensure that your business will never go down due to cyber attacks.

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