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Build a Solid CyberSecurity Foundation – 6 Important IT Security Services

By October 4, 2019No Comments6 min read
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We all know that the threat landscape of cybersecurity is increasing. According to Gartner, businesses are going to invest more than $125 billion on cybersecurity in 2019. However, most of the companies don’t have a large budget to spend on cybersecurity. Most of the services providers are focused on providing the right cybersecurity services. It is very important to have a strong cybersecurity foundation for your company. Otherwise, your company will always remain vulnerable to breaches and hacks. Below are the 6 important services which you must consider for building a strong cybersecurity foundation.

  1. Vulnerability and Security Assessments

If you don’t know about the threats that your company is facing, then it becomes difficult to know about areas that need resources. You must access all the security issues of your company. Vulnerability and Security Assessments will tell you about the vulnerabilities that your company is facing. It will also help in prioritizing the threats according to the risk they possess. You must work on bigger threats first.

This assessment must be done by someone professional who has expertise in this field. There are many professionals available in the market that can evaluate your whole company at a standard price. After the assessment, the security professional must tell you what you need to address. They will also give you some ideas on how to fix that vulnerability. Thus, you can easily work on fixing your network security. It is also important to conduct a post-security assessment of your system. This will help you in addressing new areas of concern.

  1. Proper Planning

There is a very high probability that your company will suffer from some sort of cyber event. These cyber events can occur due to some power outage, cyber-attack or even natural disaster. Your company must always be ready with a plan to deal with these kinds of situations.

You must do proper planning to deal with any kind of cyber situation. All the stakeholders must know about their responsibilities. You must run simulations for everyone working in your company. This will test their effectiveness in case of any cyber outage. You don’t want to test your plan during a critical outage. It is best to test your plan before any outage. If there are any loopholes in your plan, then you can come up with a new plan.

  1. Combating Intrusion

Intrusion detection and prevention is the most important aspect of any solid security foundation. It is one of the most difficult responsibilities for any company to handle. The Intrusion solutions will look for threats that can bypass your system security. If there are any threats, then it will be reported to the stakeholders

It is always difficult to fine-tune these solutions to meet your company’s needs. These solutions always require concrete technical knowledge. Your employees or provider must have enough experience in locking down your company tightly.

  1. Addressing Remote Access

The number of remote workers is increasing every day. More and more companies are hiring a remote workforce. These remote workers are always connected with the company by their mobile devices. Thus, employees can work from anywhere at any time of the day. Most companies have also started using cloud solutions for storing their data. Hence, even people working at a desk need to remotely access the cloud database of the company.

If you are giving remote access to your systems to your employees, then attackers can easily attack your system. You need to have a strong security foundation to use remote access. By using the right solutions you can protect your employee devices. Thus, your systems will stay secure from any hacking attacks.

  1. Securing Endpoints

Most companies forget about securing their endpoints. They spend all their resources in securing the web services, and network resources. But, they often forget about the device that they are using. They often think that anti-virus software can protect their system from criminals. You should consider securing endpoints through patch management, application controls, solid firewalls, and data loss protection. In some cases, you should also consider encrypting your data.

  1. Consider using multi-factor authentication

Most of the data breaches occur due to poor passwords used by your employees. If your employees are using passwords like “123456” or “ABCDEF”, then any hacker can easily crack their accounts. After getting the employee account, hackers can easily hack your whole network. Thus, they will get access to your database. You should force your employees to use strong passwords.

You can also improve security by adding multi-factor authentication for your employees. This will ensure that only your employees will get access to your system. In addition to the password, the user is required to enter a one-time password to access their account. You can send this OTP to your employee mobile device.


It is difficult to build a solid cybersecurity foundation for your company. You need highly skilled people for employing some of the solutions. If you don’t have the right tech people in your company, then it will become harder for you to build a strong foundation. You need to identify and configure the right solutions for your company. In such cases, it is always best to hire professionals from the market. You can hire Bleuwire to take care of your security needs. They will create a perfect plan for your company. Thus, you don’t need to worry about hiring and training new employees.

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