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5 Benefits of Data Center Infrastructure Automation

By December 30, 2019No Comments6 min read
Data Center Infrastructure Automation

Data center managers are facing challenges due to complex applications and a limited budget. It is difficult for most of the data center managers to use their resources effectively. Thus, they are looking for better data center solutions. You can use IT automation for reducing the data center errors. There are various tools that will help you in handling simple and repeatable tasks. This will reduce human interventions. Thus, this will also help you in reducing the data center errors. You can focus on more important tasks. Your IT professionals will get more time to work on serious issues. In this article, we are going to talk about the 5 benefits of Infrastructure Automation.

  1. IT Automation will remove command-line errors

System downtime is the worst nightmare for network administrators. It can cause serious damage to the reputation of your company. Thus, network administrators try their best to avoid system downtime. System downtime mostly occurs when network administrators use the command-line for making changes. Sometimes your network administrator can write the wrong command which can take down your whole system. Thus, there is a very high chance of human errors.

There is a better approach to deal with this problem. You can automate this process by using a script library. This will help you in decreasing human errors. If your network administrator is handling the command-line, then one typing mistake can result in a data center disaster.

  1. Automation will help you in removing the guesswork

Technology is always changing with time. It is difficult to keep up with new technology. Even the most experienced IT experts don’t know everything about current technologies. They use the old data for making assumptions. In most of the cases, their assumption will be right. But, still, they can’t guarantee 100% accuracy. Most of the data center professionals can miss important factors when they are checking your IT infrastructure. Thus, most of the data center experts say that AI has a very important role in modern IT infrastructure. AI or artificial intelligence will help you in removing the guesswork. It will help you in taking the best business decision.

For example, companies are using AI for creating models of their power consumption. This will help them in reducing the power consumption of their data center. Thus, they will save a lot of money due to AI. AI and machine learning can also help you in performing a predictive analysis of your maintenance. This will allow your IT professionals to avoid any data center outage. Companies like Google are already using AI for reducing their cooling costs. Google has already reduced their cooling costs by up to 40% by using AI. Thus, AI is very important for managing data center infrastructure.

  1. Automation will increase consistency

IT automation will also help you in increasing consistency. You can apply the same policies to all your systems and system components. This will help you in cutting down the manual process. Thus, it will help you in saving your employee time. Also, it will remove the variability which mostly occurs when a different person works on different systems.

IT automation will also help you in identifying your network traffic. It will automatically give priority to your resources according to your network traffic. If you need to handle more traffic, then automation will help you in increasing allocated resources. Your network administrators can make mistakes while changing your network. This mostly occurs when your IT team already has a lot of tasks to do. Thus, they can make more errors. IT automation will help you in reducing the manual tasks. Hence, your IT department can focus on more important tasks.

Network infrastructure automation will also help you in making the network configuration more streamlined. It will ensure that the same data center policies are used across the entire network. This will remove the variability from your data center infrastructure.

  1. Better Security

Most of the data center professionals are implementing SDN or software-defined networking. In SDN, you can use software-based controllers for managing your network. This will allow you to create policy-based decisions for your entire network. For example, your IT team can apply multiple different policies to a single virtual machine for dealing with disaster recovery.

SDNs will ensure that your data centers are secure. Thus, it will reduce the errors that can occur due to security vulnerabilities. You can also use the SDN controller for applying security policies across your entire data center. This will ensure that your whole network is secured from attackers. Thus, SDNs will help you in improving the security of your data center. This will also help you in decreasing the application deployment costs. You can work with inexpensive computers or servers. This will help you in reducing your deployment cost by over 50%.

  1. Efficient Troubleshooting

There are various things that can wrong in a data center. IT professionals need to be always ready to deal with various problems. They need to figure the cause of the problem and fix it. Thus, your IT professionals need to quickly figure out what happened. Also, they need to find the root cause of the problem.

There are various IT automation tools that will help you in recognizing various network issues. Thus, your IT professionals can quickly figure out what happened. IT professionals can quickly fix these problems. Some IT automation tools can show you the exact location of connectivity problems. Thus, your system administrators don’t need to check the whole network. They can directly fix the problem.


Networks are becoming more complex with time. There are hundreds of servers that are running in a single data center. Thus, it is very hard to manage your entire network. However, you can use IT automation for dealing with repetitive tasks. Thus, your IT professionals can focus on a more important task. It will help you in improving the security of your network. If you want more tips regarding network management, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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