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Diagnose Computer Hardware Issues with the Ultimate Boot CD

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A computer is a modern tool which has made life easy, simple, and more productive. With the ability to complete more than one task at a time, it is able to do many jobs in a span of a short time. The first computer was created by Charles Babbage. The accessories of the computer involve a keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.

There are input and output devices through which we interact with the computer. Not only the software but also the hardware is the most important aspect of a computer. Software is of no use without the hardware, and hardware is of no use without the software.

Having an issue whether in hardware or software can be a really big problem if the user has to do some important work.

Some of the most common issue with the computer’s hardware and software are:-

1)      The computer wouldn’t switch on.

2)      The computer would switch on but will not boot.

3)      The computer shows a blue screen of death and shut down, again and again, going into a boot loop.

4)      The slow speed of the computer while using.

5)      Slow Internet or the downloading of files taking a very long time.

6)      Corrupt files resulting in data loss or long delays while opening them.

7)      Sudden shut down of the computer.

8)      Unusual noises from the CPU or any other part of the computer.

9)      Problems in connection to wireless networks or the LAN connection.

10)   Printer not responding to the commands given by the user.

11)   The printer isn’t accepting any commands from the computer.

Generally, the software is easy to repair or diagnose than hardware. But there are many software to diagnose the hardware of a machine.

Computer Technicians uses bootable disks in order to the diagnose hardware issue in a computer. There are end number of bootable disks which are available, but carrying all the disks would not be convenient for the technician, so to tackle this problem, the solution is Ultimate Boot Compact Drive or UBCD.

 Ultimate Boot Compact Drive: What is it?

Ultimate Boot CD is a freeware Bootable Recovery CD which contains a number of software and tool that can be used to recover, and in troubleshooting, any problem the user is facing in the computer, Eg, computer not able to boot. It’s free and non-commercial software, but one may have to pay some fees depending on where he/ she gets it.

It includes very useful tools like for testing the hardware of the computer like CPU, RAM, HARD DRIVE, VIDEO CRD, etc. In short, it includes every tool to test and diagnose from Bios to test the memory of the computer.

Some of the programs included in ultimate boot CD are-

  • For testing the memory of the machines, Windows Memory Diagnostics and Memtest86+ is available.
  • For testing the hard drive Sea Tools (Seagate) is available.

Ultimate Boot CD comes in the form of ISO image, so it can be burned in the CD or the memory drive like pen drives etc. It also provides versatility to add programs. The Ultimate Boot CD uses FAT file system and one of the Linux boot loaders. The UBCD is also customizable, so the addition of floppy, ISO image, or FreeDOS based application can also be done.

 How to create an Ultimate Boot CD?

  1. Download the latest version of Ultimate Boot CD from the official site.
  2. Download universal USB installer, 7zip (for extracting iso file), image burn (for burning iso file through cd drive)
  3. Plug a memory drive in the computer with the space of at least 1GB.


Use a CD or DVD in which the iso image can be burned.

  1. Now open the Universal USB installer, select the Ultimate Boot CD from the path and rest of the instructions will be available on the screen.

The disk would be ready for use after that.

After it has been booted by the user, there will be a window containing a menu of different parts of the computer like BIOS, CPU, HDD, MEMORY, SYSTEM, PERIPHERALS, etc.

The user can choose the option according to the hardware issue he/ she is facing to diagnose it.

There are various tools in the Ultimate Boot CD, but the most commonly used are RAM tools because most of the problem happens in the computer is due to the RAM. So for that Memtest86 tool can be used. If any single error is found, it means that the computer’ RAM is faulty.

And another is the hard disk issue for which SeaTools can be used. In this case too if the error is found after diagnostics, the Hard disk is faulty.

The ultimate boot CD software is updated often by its developers. The updates add more functionality, bug fixes, and are optimized well. The latest version 5 now supports both syslinux/isolinux and grub4dos platforms so that the user will find it easy to diagnose their systems.

Other than diagnosing the hardware it is also used for running floppy-based diagnostic tools from CD ROM, running all the floppy drives on one single CD, running the Ultimate boot CD software on flash drives which are supported by latest PCs for booting.

Ultimate boot CD is one of the best tools available to diagnose problems with computer hardware, which includes RAM, CPU, HARD DISK, GRAPHIC CARD, etc. BSOD’s one of the most serious problems in a computer occurs with these components only, and often data is lost. But the Ultimate Boot CD can help to access the hard disk of the computer and can even change the location of the user’s important file. So even if your computer is having an issue in booting due to hardware or software issue, the Ultimate Boot CD can help you to save your data.

So analysis all the usefulness of the UBCD it can be said that a user should always have it in case of any emergency.

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