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Don’t Let Your IT Strategy Get Lost In The Clouds

By July 9, 2018November 2nd, 2018No Comments4 min read

The transition from onsite data storage to the cloud may seem ripe with possible issues. From the dependency of old equipment to the threat of possible downtime during the transfer, you likely have gone over the potential risk of such a move. However, it’s important to not let your IT strategy get lost in the clouds. As data dependency becomes more crucial to businesses, regardless of industry, the need for heightened networking performance and security grows. The aging data servers and network hardware you have running don’t possess the capability of keeping up. Instead, you need to focus on the future of how your business handles its data storage while working with IT professionals capable of helping you get there.

Upgrade to Cutting Edge Technologies

One of the biggest anchors holding back companies around the globe is the reliance on outdated equipment. Both software and hardware may remain integrated, which may hinder your desire to move to the cloud. However, the benefit of a sound cloud strategy is the cloud storage exists off-site, which saves you money on continually updating location-based data servers and networking hardware.

Old equipment limits what your business can do in terms of performance. Legacy gear drags down storage potential while handcuffing the business to using software designed to function with the aging equipment. By moving to the cloud you open yourself up not only to money-saving storage and performance opportunities but the latest IT applications as well.

Network Performance Boost

Data storage demands will continue to increase. Your business likely collects more information now than it did five years ago. This number will significantly grow over the forthcoming five years. In order to handle not only the sheer amount of data but the increasing size of the files, you’ll need a network designed for whatever future data brings.

You’ll discover with the right cloud strategy, you’ll not only bring in a boost in network performance designed for the current business world, but you’ll future-proof your IT storage and security needs. This saves you both the hassle of continually upgrading on-site hardware, but the money needed to constantly update equipment as well.

Minimizing Network Downtime (And Saving Revenue)

Extended network downtime can crush a business. Every time your digital storefront drops out it represents a likely loss of revenue. The thought of network downtime may hold you back from transitioning over to the cloud. However, it shouldn’t. It’s possible to mitigate how your information is transferred over, which ensures any network downtimes are held to a minimum.

After the transition to the cloud is complete, you’ll immediately notice your business experiences a fraction of the downtime you suffered through with on-site networking. This is because a cloud service provider is able to transfer your files between storage units so even if part of the CSP requires work, your business information and digital storefront remain open. This way, the factors balance out against the sheer cost of migrating to the cloud, saving you money long-term.

Data dependency will continue to grow. The more analytical data you have on the business, customers and a target audience, the easier it becomes to boost sales and compete with a growing market. In order to keep up, you need a network capable of handling these storage needs. The implementation of a cloud strategy designed specifically for your business and its own, unique needs is critical in long-term survival.

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