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Double Your Results with a Great Customer Support Service

By December 1, 2018December 3rd, 2018No Comments4 min read

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”

-Seth Godin

How do you create a great product? The answer to this puzzle question is simple. You constantly improve it to meet your customer’s demand. You can make useful innovations in your products and services by taking regular feedbacks from your customers. A satisfied customer will not only stay with your business for a long term but will also bring new customers through the word to mouth advertising. Therefore, it is highly necessary to listen to your customers and provide quick solutions to the problems that they are facing with your product or service.

We have compiled a list of best practices to improve your customer relations. By implementing them in your company, you can ensure the satisfaction of your customers. You can ensure your customers are getting the help that they need.

Minimize the Customer Waiting Time:

The most important part of your customer support service where most organizations fail is minimizing the customer waiting time. As a customer, if you are facing a critical issue in your system while working, you don’t want to wait for long to get it back to a running state. Don’t make them feel ignored. If there is no support representative at the moment to answer a customer, give them the option of leaving a message. You can use a voice automated attendant and guarantee them a callback or email when someone is free, within 24 hours or a business day.

Offer 24/7 Customer Support:

Every company works in shifts. Your own employees may be working in a night or a day shift. A majority of your customers are either working people or live in a different time zone. It is worst for a person who needs assistance to call a customer support service only to get a recorded message asking him to call back in business hours. Therefore, if it is possible, provide a 24/7 support service. You should resolve the problems of the customers who are facing problems in “your product or service”.

Include Technology in Your Customer Support:

With innovations in information technology, you can utilize the latest software to improve and innovate your customer support service. You can include a live chat option on your company’s website and respond to your customers quickly. People find it easy to send a message from the current screen rather than sending an email or dialing customer support lines. In situations that demand more insight into the problem, you can use a remote desktop connection software and provide a real-time solution.

Utilize Social Channels:

People want to get the support that they want through whatever method is most convenient for them. If your company has a Facebook page, they will post their problems over there. They will post their unresolved queries on every social platform that you use. Therefore, it necessary to offer tech support via social channels. With the popularity of messaging apps such as WhatsApp, you should make sure that your support representatives trained to use all channels.

Doing so will not only provide support convenience to your customers but will also help you to expand your business using these social channels. You can boldly include your support platforms so that people find your products and services reliable.

Start a Company Blog and Faqs Page:

Introverts are hesitant to talk to people. With the power of the internet in their hands, the first thing that people mostly do is searching on Google to find a solution. If your product or service is unique, they will not find any relevant answers on the internet. By making a FAQs section on your company’s website, you can provide solutions to common problems. A FAQs section highlights that a company cares about the problems that its customers are facing. It will also minimize the reliance on support representatives for solving common problems. By providing detailed solutions, you are automatically assisting them in troubleshooting (self-service).

You should also write regular articles on your company’s blog about the latest innovations in the technology that is relevant for your products and services.

Make Sure You Have Enough Workforce During Peak Hours:

An easy solution to reduce excessive customer waiting time is to employ more representatives to handle the peak hours. But doing so is costlier and inefficient if you only get excessive requests in a few peak hours. If your support team is insufficient to handle excessive requests, you can hire a third-party service that provides an additional workforce. A pay per hour service from a trusted third party will ensure that the peak hours aren’t a problem anymore.

Train and Hire Good Customer Representatives:

Our last but great advice for improving your customer IT support service is to hire good representatives. By good we mean, representatives who have good communication skills, expert knowledge, logical approach to problem-solving and good management skills. With these qualities in your consultants, you can provide a high-quality support to your customers. Doing so will ultimately result in long-term customer relation and an increased profit of your organization.

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