Email for Your Business: Why Choose Third-Party?


Email for Your Business: Why Choose Third-Party?

Mail has been a vital method of communication for centuries. In the modern age, businesses have made the shift from snail mail to email as their main way of keeping in touch with their customers. While there are several options available to business owners, the most popular ones are third-party and web hosting.

Depending on its needs, there are several reasons a business might choose to go with web hosting. But by contrast, third-party email hosting holds a number of advantages over its competitor.

Less Hassle

Plain and simple, third-party hosting is much easier to work with.

When done correctly, web hosting can be a sure-fire way to encourage trust from customers. It’s usually a cheaper alternative, and the business maintains full control over its interface. But using this email option is labor intensive, complicated, and demands constant upkeep to maintain network security. Many business owners lack the knowledge and time to go this route. They can hire someone to manage it, but this tacks on additional expenses initially saved by using web hosting email.

Third-party hosting, on the other hand, does not require the business to manage the configuration on its own. Neither do users need to concern themselves with troubleshooting bugs in the system or setting up their own security certificates. Additionally, using reputable providers such as Office 365 and Google Apps ensures timely message arrival, security, and reliable service.


Third-party email companies – Google Mail, in particular – are well known for their intelligent spam filters. They hire people whose only job is to coordinate incoming and outgoing spam reports from their users, which allows them to keep up with spam accounts and tweak the system as needed. This keeps their filters working efficiently, quickly, and accurately.

Web hosting email servers are also more prone to being blacklisted as spam if any account within that server demonstrates spam-like behavior. Emails sent through that shared server are much more likely to be marked as spam as well than those through third-party servers, and that means they could end up in a client’s spam folder without the business owner ever realizing it.

Up Time

No company is immune to the pesky bugs that cause their servers to experience downtime. But the difference between web hosting and third-party lies in how they handle the issue.

Businesses using web hosting email are less likely to get their systems back up and running quickly. Sometimes they simply lack the manpower or the finances to pay someone to get it done. Large name companies like Microsoft and Google, who make global headlines whenever their servers go down, have much larger financial incentives go get everything moving again. For that reason alone, businesses paying for third-party email hosts can rest easy knowing they’ll stay online.

User Experience

Many businesses forget to take user experience into account when choosing an email host. Web hosts generally come from the same email clients. As far as ease of use and appearance go, none of these are terribly appealing. They’re not very user-friendly, bulky in appearance, and just plain boring.

Among third-party mail companies, Google Mail is extremely popular, and there’s a reason for that. Not only does it look nicer, but it’s also simple to understand and easy to use. Given the time constraints most businesses face, these are both major advantages.


Since web hosting email allows total control of the system, it offers limitless customization. But there’s a catch: it requires someone with total knowledge of the system to pull it off. Not everyone is that tech savvy, and not all businesses can afford to hire someone with that skill set. Third-party email may have fewer options, but most companies offer different tiers that include various extras and amounts of storage space depending on the needs of the business.

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