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Enterprise Benefits of VoIP

By December 25, 2018No Comments6 min read

With a number of startups on the rise, you need to develop a competitive edge in the market by spending less and increasing your business productivity. The Internet-based telephony provides an easy solution for reducing business operational cost. It offers a huge potential for savings and greater scalability of systems. Due to this, it has become a trending topic among the enterprises around the world.

Benefits of VoIP:

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provides a way to cut operational costs by eliminating the costly traditional phones and phone lines. While traditional telephony takes a lot of bandwidth, VoIP sends compressed data through the most efficient path over Internet Protocol (IP).

The following points highlight the advantages of migrating to Internet-based telephony solutions.

Cost Savings:

One of the compelling reasons to switch to a network-based telephony solution is cost savings. Internet, routers and traditional telephony services take up a major portion of business expenses. But with a VoIP solution, you only need to spend on your Internet connection that powers your business infrastructure. Because VoIP services are free or near-free like Skype businesses around the world started transiting to Internet-based telephony services.

VoIP can result in savings of approximately 30% to 40% and in some cases, even higher. If you choose to have an on-premise VoIP server, you only need to invest your money in its initial setup. In the long run, it will prove to be a cost-efficient solution which was near impossible with a PSTN (public switch telephone network).

Device Mobility:

With VoIP, as long as you have an internet connection you can make your calls from anywhere around the world. With a device that has a microphone attached to it, you can utilize it to contact your staff or clients. You don’t need to buy an international SIM card or pay any extra fees for international calling.

Traditional telephony solutions also required a lot of internal wiring which limited your device moment. But if you have wireless internet, you can use your laptop, smartphone, VoIP phones, and other compatible devices freely.

Rich Set of Functionalities:

You can use your VoIP phones to make a video call, aside from making regular phone calls. You can also include more co-workers in a conference call that allows you to stay in touch with them to discuss important business deals.

  • VoIP provides rich features like:
  • Web-based calling
  • Selective call forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • Voicemail
  • Conference calling
  • Do not disturb

VoIP has great features, one of which is an auto attendant. Like in private branch exchange (PBX), it manages and redirects calls to the appropriate extensions automatically. You can get these features without necessarily having your own expensive equipment.

Flexibility over Resources:

For businesses, flexibility and adaptability are the major drivers towards success. With the market going up and down, you will need to constantly scale your resources.

You cannot predict how many phones you’ll need in the next year. With a traditional phone system, you need to estimate carefully so that your money on unused phone lines don’t get wasted. VoIP system makes it easy to add or remove devices on the go. You can add a VoIP connection as soon as you add a new employee. You are only limited by the bandwidth of your network and internet connection, so technically, thousands of connections can be added very easily.

Integration with Other Applications:

VoIP systems can be easily integrated with the business applications you use every day. Since VoIP calls are internet-based, you can add them with your email client, web browser, instant messenger, and many more. You can customize VoIP apps so that they can request your data server to show up the information regarding the caller and open certain apps and files relevant to them.

With a speech-to-text feature, you can encode your voicemail messages into text and send emails by routing them to your email exchange server. If you are using VoIP to provide customer service, you can transcribe the voice conversation and add the data into a particular table in the database.

Simplified Installation & Maintenance:

With a monthly subscription plan, you can use a cloud-based service to provide you with VoIP to make calls using your internet connection. Not only the setup is very easy with a hosting service, but also you can be ready to go quickly.  A convenient web interface makes it easy to move, add, or change the system configurations making it easy for your network administrators to maintain the VoIP infrastructure. A service provider will handle all the updates and new feature installation. Having a hosted VoIP service gives another advantage- flexibility to switch between multiple VoIP service providers.

Though on-Premise VoIP systems require regular maintenance you can still outsource periodic maintenance and yet save money over traditional telephony.

Increased Business Productivity:

All the features listed above ultimately results in increased business productivity. For most businesses, productivity is subjective, but VoIP can make employees more productive in various ways. With voicemail and video conferencing, VoIP enables collaboration in ways that cellular phones could never support. Employees can not only call each other but can also send files and documents using the same software. Important deals, meetings, agendas, can be discussed and shared with remote employees in real time. You no longer have to wait for hours or even minutes for a reply on the important stuff with your management team. With VoIP, your business can flourish in extraordinary ways.

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