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Everything You Need to Know About Data Center Interconnect

By December 15, 2019No Comments5 min read
Data Center Interconnect

The data center industry is changing rapidly with time. Companies around the world are looking for new solutions. In a traditional data center, we had only one single facility. There were a limited number of resources that we used for meeting our business needs. But, it was very difficult to expand your IT architecture. You need more space for installing new hardware like servers. Thus, most companies don’t like traditional data centers. You can also place your new hardware in colocation centers.

However, technology is changing rapidly with time. Companies can use connectivity technology for dealing with this issue. Many businesses are also using cloud computing for expanding their infrastructure. Other companies are trying to find new ways of expanding their IT infrastructure. DCI is a new technology that companies are using for integrating their facilities.

What is Data Center Interconnect technology?

You can use DCI solutions for connecting or linking two separate data centers. This will help you in achieving your IT or business objectives. DCI solutions will ensure that your data center facilities can work with each other. Thus, your data centers can share resources with each other. Also, they can divide their workload. This will ensure that all your data centers are working optimally. Most enterprise networks are using this technology. If you are operating more than one data center, then DCI is perfect for you.

You can use DCI for linking your multiple data centers. Also, DCI will allow you to connect your data centers with your trusted partners. Thus, you can share your computing resources and data. It will also divide the workload between different data centers. You will also get access to a large pool of computing resources. This will increase the overall computational power of your data centers. You can also usually implement your disaster recovery solution. If one data center is down, then you can move all the workload to your other data centers.

But, it is not easy to connect all your data centers. DCI will allow multiple data centers to communicate and share their resources simultaneously. If your data centers have similar ecosystems, then you can easily connect them.

DCI connections are mostly facilitated by using a VPN or virtual private network. You can also use the internet or direct fiber lines for connecting your data centers. But, VPN is much more secured when compared to the other two options. It will ensure that all your data is secured. Also, VPN has lower latency when compared to other solutions. However, it is more expensive when compared to traditional options. You can use DCI technology for connecting your multiple data centers.

DCI Network considerations

  1. Distance

If the distance between your data center is more, then the data will take more time to travel between them. This will increase the latency of your network. Latency measures how much time it takes to transfer the data packets. You can decrease it by reducing the distance between two points. Your data can travel at a fixed speed which is generally equal to the speed of light. Thus, you should try to select the shortest route between two points.

This will help you in improving the performance of your network. First, you should map out every physical route between your data centers. After that, you should try to find the shortest route between your data centers. You can also reduce your network latency by using fiber optics cable. If you are using fiber optics cable, then your data can travel more than 3000 miles in only 21 milliseconds. However, there can be various other factors that can affect your network latency. There can be impurities in your cable that can increase your network latency. Also, your network bandwidth limitations can increase your network latency. You can increase your network bandwidth limit for reducing your latency.

  1. Capacity

DCI technology will help you in connecting multiple data centers. Thus, these data centers can divide the workload. But, every facility has different capabilities. For example, maybe one of your facilities has very less storage capacity or some of your facilities can’t handle traffic spikes. All these factors can affect your network performance.

  1. Security

DCI will help your data centers in communicating with each other. Your IT department must make sure that this data is secured. There are various encryption protocols that you need to follow. This will ensure that your sensitive data is secured from attackers. It will help you in avoiding a data breach. Data breaches can do a lot of damage to your organization’s reputation. Thus, you must make sure that your data is protected.

  1. Cost

It is difficult to build a data center facility. You need to buy space for your data center. Also, you need to buy expensive equipment for your data center. Thus, most of the companies are moving towards third-party colocation solutions. You can use DCI technology for effectively managing your existing resources. It will help you in maximizing the capability of your data centers. This will reduce data redundancy. Also, you can easily take a backup of your data. You can connect your data center with disaster recovery program by using DCI technology. Thus, you will get all the benefits of a dedicated backup data center. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in building a new data center facility


DCI will help your organization in connecting multiple data centers. Thus, you can use all your existing resources for increasing your efficiency. You can easily roll out new applications. Also, it will allow you to transfer data between different data centers. If you want more information about DCI technology, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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