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Everything You Need to Know About Meet-Me Room

By March 7, 2020No Comments
Meet-me Room Data Center

Meet-me Rooms are very important in data centers. They are providing a low-latency connection to organizations. Also, they are helping in reducing network costs.

Definition of Meet-me Room:

An MMR is a special place in the data center. This room helps ISPs and cable companies in cross-connecting with customers. This room contains server racks and cabinets. These racks contain hardware that will help increase the data transfer speed. MMRs help in connecting all the companies that are working in the same data center. Thus, it is a very important room in the data center.

This room will help you in removing the round trip traffic. It will ensure that the data won’t leave the facility. Data packets don’t need to travel back to the main network. This will help you in eliminating local loops. Thus, data exchange is secured. Also, it will help you in lowering your costs.

How does Data Exchange Works?

You need an active connection for sending data to the ISP or Internet Service Provider. If two companies are geographically separated, then they can use global ISP for communicating. Hence, they first need to send their data to the ISP. After that, the ISP will send it to the main system. This process is mandatory for companies that are in different continents or countries. A Global ISP will help these companies in communicating with each other.

However, if organizations are close, then they can directly connect with each other. A meet-me room will help companies in exchanging information directly.

You will find this room in every data center. Almost every data center is providing carrier-neutral services. Thus, they are working with various different ISP providers. This is helping data centers is attracting more customers. Customers can choose from various different providers. Thus, this improves flexibility. Also, it will help customers in optimizing their connection. Some of the advantages of meet-me rooms are:

  • Cost savings: If you are using a meet-me room, then you can bypass local loop costs. Customers can find every carrier in a single place. Thus, they can find the best carrier for their company.
  • Reduced Latency: Direct connection will help you in reducing the network hops. Thus, the latency will decrease automatically.
  • Quick expansion: MMRs will help you in providing more options to your customers. Thus, it will help you in expanding your services.

Restricted Access and Security

Meet-me rooms are very important for every data center. Thus, they are continuously monitored by the security team. These rooms mostly have fire-rated walls. Also, they have restricted access. Thus, only authorized personnel can access these rooms. Multi-factor authentication is helping companies in protecting this space from attackers. You will find cameras in every corner of this room. Companies are also using security cameras biometric scans for protecting this room.

Design of Meet-me Room

The design of this room will depend on data centers. However, most MMRs will have enough space for adding new carriers. Also, they are offering 45U cabinets to ISPs. These rooms generally don’t have both DC and AC power. If you are only offering AC power, then you should provide additional space to your carriers.

Cooling is another important factor in these rooms. High-performance cooling equipment will ensure that the temperature of this room is always in an acceptable range.

  1. Entrance for ISPs and carriers

Network carriers are using fiber cable for connecting to the MMR. You can use meet-me boxes or meet-me vaults for connecting with the carriers. These points will help you in protecting your carriers. If you are designing the MMR correctly, then you can attract more providers to the data center. Thus, it will help you in expanding your data center.

  1. Vaults

This vault is mostly a concrete box that is used for connecting the ISPs fiber optic with the facility. If you want to achieve redundancy, then you should use various vaults in your company.

These vaults are mostly located in the perimeter of any data center. If these vaults are closer to the cable network, then the costs will automatically decrease. Thus, it is always a good idea to locate these vaults at the perimeter of the data center. If there are multiple entry points in your data center, then it will attract more ISPs. This will also help you in decreasing your data center costs. Thus, it will help you in attracting more customers.

This design will help you in attracting various different providers. Thus, it will help you in accessing high bandwidth connections. The fiber cable will first come in this meet-me vaults. After that, it will go to the CCR or Cross-Connect Room.

  1. Cross-Connect Room

A CCR is one of the most secure locations in the data center. Carriers can use this room for connecting with their customers. The fiber will go from the CCR to the equipment in the MMR. Sometimes, these fiber cables can also go into other rooms in the data center. The main aim of this room is to establish a connection between ISPs and tenants. CCRs provide a flexible entry point to providers.


Meet-me rooms are very important for data centers. They will help you in connecting tenants with their carriers. Enterprises can directly connect with its service providers and partners. Thus, it is a very important room for data centers. There are many benefits to this room. It will help you in reducing the latency of your network. Also, it will help you in lowering your operational costs. If you want to quickly expand your data center, then these rooms are important for you. Also, you need to secure this room from hackers. Thus, you must install security cameras in this facility. This will ensure that only authorized personnel can access this room. You should also use the above points for designing this room. If you want more information regarding the Meet-me room, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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