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Facebook Data – Reasons to Be Careful About Social Media Sharing

By April 6, 2018November 1st, 2018No Comments3 min read

Facebook Data: Reasons to Be Careful About Social Media Sharing

It’s now clear information shared on social media is sometimes used by third parties in a variety of ways. This problem is not necessarily unique to Facebook data and can apply to any social media platform used. It’s also true that it can be a problem from both a personal and brand perspective.

This article looks at social media data a bit closer and evaluates the reasons it’s important to be careful about online sharing. The decision you make on how much you want to share is entirely up to you. However, it’s important to think about some of the issues and make an informed decision.

  1. Never assume your privacy is secure on the internet | Social media sites often provide the illusion of closed discussions that will never reach a wider audience. Therefore, you should always assume when sharing things online they may get more attention than intended. Even if other users don’t share your comments, there is still the possibility of being hacked or your data sold. Before you share something, you should think about if you would make these comments in a public setting in front of thousands of people. Just asking yourself that simple question could prevent you from sharing content that may get you into trouble. As ever, it’s about making an informed choice rather than doing something on a whim.
  2. Consider evaluating your old content and data | It may seem harmless to write a status update, and you may think even if it’s stupid it will disappear among all the traffic. However, things can be found by anyone that is searching for them by doing some simple searches on Facebook. Therefore, consider how things you have shared in the past might look now. It’s a promising idea to go through your accounts and clean them up for old content. You don’t want to face problems for something that happened years ago.
  3. Think about the present as well and how things might look now | The present is the most crucial thing about all of this though, and social media is causing so many problems for people if you aren’t careful about what you share. For example, it could lead to losing your job or being rejected for interviews. No matter what your situation is, always expect that you will be researched online because it’s so easy to do.

Therefore, look at the things you have most recently shared across social media and consider how they may look to an outsider. If you think your most recent updates enhance you and your reputation, then it’s okay. However, if you have shared something that might be considered offensive, then you should think about removing it.

The story on Facebook data is an example of the dangers of social media content. Therefore, it’s an innovative idea to evaluate what you are sharing, and the impression that may leave in the present and future. Remember you are free to clean up your data and delete your account if that’s what you choose to do.

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