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Get the Most from Your Apple Watch Series 3

By July 14, 2018November 2nd, 2018No Comments

The Apple Watch Series 3 has now been out for nine months, and in spite of initial skepticism about the necessity of the device, it’s proven to be a big winner for Apple–and for good reason. From helpful native apps to the watch’s modularity, the Apple Watch Series 3 is proving that form and function can coexist in a single, effortlessly easy-to-use device.

Here are five tips for getting the most out of your new Apple Watch Series 3:

  1. Select a Face You Love | Since this wearable tech is something you’ll see a lot each day, you want to make sure the watch face is something you find functional and enjoyable to look at. Thankfully, the Series 3 is easy to customize and Apple has included a number of configurations and features–from the classic to the sleek–to choose from. You can focus on the activity rings that measure active calories, workout minutes, and stand hours or re-emphasize the watch’s function as a time piece. You can even choose a retro Mickey Mouse clock face. Regardless of which you choose, it’s important not to stick with the default. Play around a bit and find the watch face that’s right for you. The Series 3 makes the process fun and simple.
  2. Use the Watch for Downtime | The built-in Breathe app can be configured to remind you to take daily time-outs. Using a pleasant blue bubble to visualize your breath, Breathe also uses haptics to gently tap your wrist so that you can regulate your inhales and exhales. Deep breathing has been clinically proven to lower your pulse rate and blood pressure.
  3. Utilize Apple Maps Integration | Whether you prefer Google Maps or Waze, the Apple Watch Series 3 integration with Apple Maps is amazingly helpful. Using Apple Maps on your phone, the watch will use haptics to give you a physical reminder of when to turn, exit, turn around, etc. It’s a surprisingly helpful, subtle feature that can help you get where you’re going without getting lost. Arguably, Apple Map’s integration with the Apple Watch Series 3 is helping Apple regain lost ground in the crowded market for way-finding and map apps.
  4. Get Moving |Apple’s simple ring system is to the wrist what apps like Move once were to the iPhone: a simple, aesthetically pleasing, surprisingly rewarding, visual system for tracking your physical activity. With automated reminders to stand and warnings about when you may not hit your active calorie goals for the day, the Apple Watch’s activity app is a streamlined and fun to use. And it’s got the ability to nag you just enough to get you out the door and to the gym.
  5. Wear it to Bed | Much has been made of the Apple Watch Series 3’s water resistance, so while this wear-anywhere device is not truly more versatile, it’s not best worn in the shower. Instead, wear it to bed and pair it with a sleep tracking app. You can monitor your pulse using the built-in app at any time, but third-party sleep apps like Zleeper and AutoSleep specifically monitor your movement and pulse rate while you’re in bed. Set a goal for the number of hours you’d like to snooze and let the watch do the rest. This is a wonderful way to make sure you’re getting enough rest to function properly.

Like the best new technologies, the Apple Watch Series 3 delivers incredible functionality in a sleek package. By customizing the device and knowing which apps to use, this is one piece of wearable tech that you’ll never want to take off.

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